Hong Kong’s Economic Fabric as a Conduit for Biodiversity Protection

15:00 – 15:50

Hong Kong has an outsized ecological footprint. Yet its strategic position as a trade and financial centre offers a unique opportunity for businesses to work with regulators, conservationists and other stakeholders to capitalize on our economic fabric, and drive a role for the city as a global leader for biodiversity protection.


  • Many of Hong Kong’s leading sectors, such as transport, logistics, finance and technology, touch on nature. Yet their direct and indirect impact on biodiversity remains poorly understood.
  • How can businesses identify supply chain vulnerabilities, and address legal, financial, reputational and associated risks?
  • How can leading companies in Hong Kong work to enhance policies, business practices, and oversight, and engage internal and external stakeholders to navigate biodiversity protection across multiple industries and geographies?

Post-Event Actions

  • Rethink the state of play in Hong Kong, and how your company and industry can examine and address vulnerabilities in your value chain, and contribute to transforming Hong Kong as a global leader in combating biodiversity loss.

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