Marketing More than a Message: Activating Purpose and Real Impact

10:45 – 11:35

Purpose is the new Profit. In recent years, purpose is emerging as a competitive advantage for attracting talent, keeping customers engaged, and enhancing the company’s image among stakeholders.

As we seek out relationships with companies that have a strong purpose carved out in their business framework, purpose-driven campaigns are moving to the top of the list of priorities for business communications.


  • Purpose-driven campaigns are about much more than incorporating nice messaging. How can companies create people-centric, insightful and authentic narratives to communicate their core values – internally and externally – and activate meaningful action which aligns with their environmental and social goals?
  • How is the role of PR, marketing, advertisement and other communication professionals evolving as agents of change in a sustainable new world?

Post-Event Actions

  • Gain insights on how purpose-driven communications are inspiring companies to reconsider the long-term impact of their brands.
  • Recognise that executing a purpose-driven campaign requires an alignment with a company’s authentic purpose, and present an opportunity to resonate with audiences across all markets.