Mind the Gap: A Talent Pipeline for a New Era in Sustainability Communications

11:35 – 12:25

Sustainability is a rapidly evolving domain, and marketers, PR practitioners and advertisers are facing a steep learning curve to ensure that they effectively bring sustainability to life in the communications context.

How can the communications industry proactively plan for a talent pipeline that ensures greater awareness, fluency and accountability, and accelerate learning to best utilise their craft, creativity and platforms to be part of the change to secure a better future?


  • As conversations on sustainability come to the fore, what skillsets and attributes will be in high demand by PR, marketing, advertisement and other communication sectors?
  • Marketers, PR practitioners and advertisers have varied skillsets and motivations for doing their work. How can we ensure that the pace, method and relevance of capacity building is adapted to their needs and that of wider society?
  • In navigating the talent gap, how can the communications industry ensure inclusion of voices from all walks of life and empower leadership change? What are some opportunities and challenges in engaging the tech-saavy younger workforce in this transition?

Post-Event Actions

  • Gain insight into how communications professionals are navigating the skilling challenges increasingly demanded by the world of sustainable business.
  • Understand that the sustainability transformation calls for concerted and coordinated effort from all, including a commitment from the communications sector to equip themselves and fulfil their part in reacting to changing values and influencing behaviour.