Advancing Operations and Accounting for Biodiversity in Business

16:40 – 17:30

When Hong Kong businesses are still grappling with their carbon management agendas, how can they also develop a meaningful biodiversity agenda and create transparency in an area that was until now largely the domain of scientists? Fuller engagement will result in a rising demand for consistent and robust tools to advance the uptake of biodiversity in financial and operational decision making. What are some real-world applications of such metrics and tools in mainstreaming biodiversity in business decisions? What have we learned from business engagement on carbon in terms of priority setting, tools and partnerships that we can apply to our biodiversity approach? Hear from leading practitioners and tools providers how the biodiversity agenda can be advanced in more manageable ways.


  • How can working with biodiversity and climate agendas, and with the frameworks offered by TNFD and TNCD (the Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures), be better integrated?
  • How can businesses work with supply chain partners, competitors, academia, government bodies, local communities and other stakeholders in all stages of biodiversity risk and opportunity assessment, strategy design and implementation?
  • As financial institutions turn their attention towards natural capital and its influences and dependencies on investment activities, how can they capitalize on their unique role and guide companies towards becoming nature positive?

Post-Event Actions

  • Recognise that the sustainability transition of businesses is multi-faceted, requires addressing both biodiversity and climate change, and must result in mainstreaming biodiversity considerations in all levels of business operations and investments.