Zero Carbon Energy and Mobility Ecosystem: A New Era for Public-Private Partnerships

11:25 – 12:15

There are several opportunities growing for public-private partnerships in Hong Kong as we drive towards a zero-carbon energy and mobility ecosystem. The integration of alternative and renewable energy sources will help to develop more resilient infrastructure where the government can work with the private secret to implement coinciding solutions. 

Overall, the panel will provide valuable insights and perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of creating a zero-carbon energy and mobility ecosystem in Hong Kong, and the role of public-private partnerships in driving innovation towards sustainable development goals. 


  • What is the potential of hydrogen as a fuel source in Hong Kong, and what are the challenges and opportunities of developing a hydrogen economy? 
  • What opportunities are there to further decarbonise Hong Kong’s transportation system? 
  • What role can government policies and regulations play in promoting the transition to a zero-carbon energy  and mobility ecosystem, and how can public-private partnerships help to shape these policies? 

Post-event Actions 

  • Steer towards a closer public-private partnership to nurture innovation over new energy transport technologies and accelerate their uptake. 
  • Enable public transport system in Hong Kong, well known on its efficiency, to be also recognised for its sustainability and climate resilience.