Our Talent Ecosystem: Closing the Sustainability Skills Gap

15:05 – 15:55

The job market has been undergoing a wave of change, as companies increasingly look to bring in and nurture talents to move from pledges to progress in their sustainability transformation. With Gen Zs in particular bringing on a different set of values, by the way they focus on positive work culture, authenticity, utilising technology, implying flexibility, diversity and inclusion, ways for personal development, they have been creating impact and challenges to the hiring scene. How should decision makers adapt to these changing needs and values as a part of their talent matching and development strategy, and create opportunities within the ecosystem? 


  • What is the state of play in Hong Kong?  
  • How can business leaders create a strategic advantage for their businesses to retain and groom talents? What are some key sustainability skilling challenges that business leaders should look to address? 
  • Perspectives from specialised sustainability positions, and wider roles that require upskilling for sustainability expertise  

Post-event actions 

  • Gain insights on how businesses are to manoeuvre around in times of change and adapt to attract talents as they thrive and grow