Rethinking Workplace Culture in the New Normal

16:05 – 16:55

The pandemic has undoubtedly brought on prominent changes in the workplace. As companies adapt to remain competitive and incorporate workplace mobility and hybrid work arrangements, how should business leaders continue the momentum on the conversation of “work” – as a core business strategy that encompasses all levels and facets, both internal and external? What are the opportunities and challenges of creating an environment that promotes wellbeing, transparency and a sense of purpose and belonging for all employees? 


  • How by incorporating flexibility and mobility could business owners enhance the workplace culture? 
  • How could decision makers attract talents and build a more engaged and motivated workforce? 
  •  How could businesses in Hong Kong integrate this change as a part of their strategy for the long-term? 

Post-event actions 

  • Gain insights on how to build a culture of sustainability in your organisation