Reuse, Repair & Repurpose: Circular Journey with Consumers

16:00 – 16:50

As the consumer is playing a more crucial role in the transition to a circular economy, it would come as no surprise that this will be key to Hong Kong’s circular journey as consumers adopt more sustainable behaviours. This panel will discuss the importance of designing products that are built to last, easy to repair, and can be repurposed at the end of their life cycle and how we can mainstream the practice in Hong Kong. 


  • How can product design be optimised to promote circularity and enable easier reuse, repair and repurpose? 
  • Are there successful business models or benefits? 
  • How can Hong Kong adopt and promote product the practice of reuse, repair and repurposing? 

Post-event Actions 

  • Understand consumers’ needs and switch business model to provide products that could last longer and harness new business opportunities.