Rising to the ESG Challenge: A Vision for Sustainable Facilities Management

16:30 – 17:20

Facility managers are at the forefront of efforts to improve sustainability within the real estate industry. As the demand for greater data transparency and smart technology to manage spaces more efficiently increases, how are facility managers adapting and setting new standards, measuring, analysing and accurately reporting ESG progress?


  • What are the state of play in Hong Kong, and what are some obstacles for businesses looking to improve ESG performance? Perspectives from smart tech, installation and maintenance, data and cost.
  • The social piece – How can we incorporate best practices of diversity, equity and inclusion into facilities management? In what ways can we improve an organisation or building’s relationship with its community?
  • The governance piece – What are some tangible contributions that facility managers offer for corporate level ESG reporting?

Post-Event Actions for Delegates

  • Consider what ESG in facilities management mean for businesses’ competitiveness and attraction to investors.