The Climate Change Game – Let’s break it down!

Day 2 : 16:00 – 17:15

As a team, participants will collectively discuss and uncover the cause and consequences of climate change and what does this mean for our current and future courses of action. After, we will brainstorm what are the solutions and actions that can be taken, both as an individual and collective.

Session Discussion Point

Efficient breakdown of the most respected IPCC reports that inform political and economic decision-making about climate change into a simple card game.


Karen Choi

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

Partnership and Development Lead

Karen has over 10 years experiences in client relationships management, partnership and community development, and event organisation. Karen knows how instrumental a people-centric approach is to winning trust and working effectively with clients in all functions at companies of all sizes and across all industries.

Before joining SVIHK, Karen worked in the German Chamber of Commerce as a bridge between the German and Hong Kong businesses. Leading some German corporate delegations in the energy industry, she discovered how business can play a role and positively impact the environment and society. She now puts all her energy into rallying companies, government and society’s partners through purpose-driven partnerships.

Working at SVIHK, Karen learns that measurement aligns directly with goals and indicate what we want to change. Therefore she is interested in exploring different framework to evaluate the relationships between resources allocation and the impact.

Virginie Ostrowski

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

Communications and Marketing Lead

As a Communications and Marketing professional, Virginie has devoted most of her career to purpose-driven organisations. She has the intimate conviction that collaboration between corporations, government and civil society is paramount to achieving the SDGs.
Originally a journalist, Virginie turned to communications to leverage her professional skills towards society’s needs. From e-health to sustainable development, she helped raise awareness and drive change on critical issues. Before joining SVIHK, she was for several years Head of Communications in an organisation bringing together academics, public bodies, and private companies to pioneer sustainability in transport and energy infrastructure.

Passionate for impact and innovation, Virginie brings her strategic and operational communications capacities to Shared Value Initiative. Originally from France, she has lived in Germany, Eastern Europe, Canada, and Hong Kong, where she started sailing and open-water swimming.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

I hope to see more collaboration between corporations, the public sector, and civil society on sustainability goals.

Karen Tsang

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

Partnership and Experiences Lead

With over 10 years in cross sector partnership, community management, and brand strategy, Karen believes that the most impactful changes can be achieved with purposeful collaborations between different sectors. Karen’s focus is working with private sectors and how they can play a key role in driving scalable changes in the society and environment. Through designing human centric experiences and engagement, Karen works with private sector partners throughout, from shared value awareness building to business integration.

Before joining SVIHK, Karen was the Regional Brand and PR lead for National Geographic, where she oversaw the marketing, communications and brand strategy for Hong Kong Southeast Asia. She also managed the Explorer Community, aligning impactful brands with changemakers across Asia through common purpose and impact.

Coming from a finance and accounting background, Karen is passionate about data and how this is a crucial piece to drive change.

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