The Just Transition Opportunity: Redefining Business Leadership and Value for the Good of All

12:05 – 12:35

Our transition to a sustainable future needs to happen fast, but it also has to happen in a fair and inclusive way. In Hong Kong, almost 15% of the population are unable to afford basic necessities. In particular, the unaffordability of decent housing underpins a number of social and economic issues. At the company level, there is a need for reskilling and upskilling to ensure that the workforce is not left behind. Moving forward, how should business leaders capture opportunities to meet such needs in the face of growing environmental and societal challenges? 


  • How can Hong Kong develop a common vision for what a just transition means for the city’s impacted workforce, communities and businesses? 
  • What are some notable efforts by businesses – locally and regionally – to capture opportunities with building societal resilience / meeting basic needs, especially in the context of the growing environmental challenges? What lessons can be learned from their experiences? 

Post-Event Actions 

  • Gain insights on how companies can apply a just transition lens to business models and strategies.  
  • Rethink how your company and industry can address fundamental concerns and contribute to achieving fair and inclusive outcomes within the wider transition to a sustainable economy. 


Chris Coulter



Chris works with leadership organizations to help them better understand and respond to shifting stakeholder expectations, build trust with key constituencies and exert greater influence in shaping the future.
Chris has two decades of experience in providing evidence-based counsel in the areas of reputation, purpose and sustainability. He is passionate about building trusted and recognized leadership for GlobeScan’s clients. He holds an MA in International Affairs and has substantive international experience having lived in North America, Europe and Asia. Chris has been with GlobeScan since 1998. He is a member of Walgreen’s Corporate Responsibility Advisory Board, and the Multinational Subcommittee of B Lab’s Standards Advisory Council. He is also the Chair of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility. He is a co-author of two books, All In: The Future of Business Leadership (2018) and The Sustainable Business Handbook (2022), and has a podcast, All In: The Sustainable Business Podcastdership for GlobeScan’s clients.

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