Beyond the Scope: Accelerating Decarbonisation Across the Value Chain

11:00 – 12:05

Measuring and managing supply chain emissions plays an integral role in realising our net-zero ambitions. Yet, many still struggle with the challenges posed by Scope 3 emissions, which represent the largest and most difficult to address of carbon footprints. Hear from leaders in this space on how they are tackling Scope 3 as a key opportunity for emissions and cost reduction as well as positive engagement with all stakeholders.


  • While companies are in a unique position to influence supplier behaviours, operations and investments, competing priorities and supply chain complexity have led to delayed action in this space. What are some trends and challenges that leaders are seeing in the Scope 3 reporting and management landscape?
  • What are some innovations that businesses can leverage to define and execute strategies with sound data analysis for Scope 3 emissions reductions?
  • How are leadership companies scaling up collaborations and articulating holistic engagement plans with investors, clients, suppliers and teams?

Post-Event Actions

  • Gain insights on concrete steps companies are taking to assess and address Scope 3 emissions hotspots in their value chains, and building and maintaining positive relationships with investors, clients, suppliers and teams.
  • Understand how you can equip your company with the insights and tools it needs to identify energy efficiency and cost reduction opportunities relevant to Scope 3 in its supply chain.
  • Understand that the global nature of many supply chains allows companies to support decarbonisation beyond our borders.


Dedy Mahardika


SBT Engagement Manager, SEA and Oceania

Dedy is the SBT Engagement Manager for Southeast Asia and Oceania at CDP based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He focuses on the development of the regional corporate engagement and strategic collaboration to bring more uptakes in the region. Dedy earned a M.Sc of Environment and Energy Engineering from Kyungpook National University.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

I would like to see more uptakes of the Hong Kong companies in joining the SBTi and set their corporate climate ambition to be in-line with the climate latest science.