Transformative Innovations: Building a Low-Carbon and Resilient City

12:20 – 13:10

Our climate ambitions will require changes in the ways in which energy, mobility, buildings, waste management and other goods and services are delivered, distributed and consumed. How does harnessing collective technological innovation help us gain momentum, and accelerate Hong Kong’s path towards becoming a more resilient and future ready city?


  • How can the business community best collaborate and make use of digital innovation to drive progress on sustainable business practices? Perspectives from reducing greenhouse gases, developing climate resiliency, promoting a circular economy and more.
  • What obstacles exist, and how can we overcome them? Perspectives from finance, technology, operations and more.
  • How can we leverage market opportunities – locally and with the GBA – to scale solution trials and adoption, with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship, technical skills development and innovative technology applications?

Post-Event Actions

  • Rethink how your company and industry can contribute to bringing people and ideas together and harness collective innovation