Financing the Transition to Net Zero

14:00 – 14:50

Defining net zero pathways aligned to science-based targets is essential to enable the flow of capital to high carbon emitting sectors. The panel will explore how financial institutions are evaluating, measuring and supporting their clients on their net zero journeys and practical considerations for companies integrating transition planning into their business model.


  • How can Hong Kong best capitalize on its unique strengths and involve all players of the private sector in developing green and sustainable finance to boost investments conducive to reducing carbon emissions?
  • How can Hong Kong enhance synergies with Greater Bay Area cities to play a strategic role as China’s gateway and mobiliser of green investments to facilitate national carbon neutrality goals?

Post-Event Actions for Delegates

  • Gain insights on opportunities, barriers and the next steps for the city to advance its green and sustainable finance ambitions towards a low-carbon future.

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