Unlocking the Potential of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

16:55 – 17:45

Increasingly business leaders are recognising DEI as an opportunity for talent development, greater variety of perspectives, increased employee engagement and efficiencies, and generating profit. Yet all too often, DEI is considered as another function of the Human Resources department. While inclusive of HR and operations, for DEI to succeed, it needs to be treated as a core business strategy by the executive table, and encompassed within all levels and facets – internal and external – of an organisation. 


  • How is DEI becoming more relevant to businesses in Hong Kong? 
  • Why is it important for business leaders to champion DEI efforts? How can decision makers drive strategies from their respective spheres of influence? 
  • How can business leaders leverage on DEI as an advantage for business strategies, bring on opportunities and create an impact in the community? 

Post-event actions 

  • Understand DEI in the Hong Kong context and gain insights on pertinent opportunities of DEI in helping businesses to thrive