Youth-Led, Senior-Supported: Co-creating Sustainable Solutions Through Transformative Leadership

16:35 – 17:25

Our next generation are the beneficiaries of the sustainability agenda that we are pursuing today. Transformative leadership from youth and industry leaders creates a collaborative platform to exchange ideas, share experiences and co-create solutions. The collective action not only helps to build bridges between generations and sectors, but also motivates business leaders of today to be more accountable and proactive in driving progress towards meeting sustainability goals.


  • What are the barriers to implementation, and how can they be overcome? What role can young people play in maintaining momentum and driving progress in and outside of a company?
  • What expectations do they have of current leaders in terms of youth empowerment opportunities? What opportunities exist for companies to create space for young people to receive the support and knowledge that they need to engage in the realisation of sustainability goals?
  • How can companies and organizations effectively collaborate with young people to co-create sustainable solutions?
  • What is the importance of challenging conventional thinking and approaches in creating sustainable change?
  • What are the key skills and knowledge areas that young people need to possess to be effective change makers for a sustainable future, and how can companies and organizations support their development in these areas?

Post-Event Actions

  • Consider how your company and industry can better engage and empower the next generation to take the baton for our sustainability agenda.
  • Gain insights on how you can challenge conventional thinking and approaches in your work towards sustainability, and create opportunities for people to receive the support and knowledge that they need to engage in the realisation of the city’s sustainability goals.