ReThink HK provides a unique opportunity to showcase solutions, innovation, eco-products, investment and business transformation services that can help executives and sustainability practitioners to accelerate change and achieve their strategic and operational objectives.

Why invest your engagement & marketing $ in ReThink HK?

ReThink HK is being designed to host 6,000+ professional attendees in September 2023; making it the city’s best-attended in-person business event for sustainable development.

Banks, Brands & Corporates

Financial institutions, global brands and corporates will be recognised and rewarded as they align with the event’s ambitions, and contribute to the conference programmes, while reinforcing and amplifying their commitment to accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong.

It’s not about waving the “we’re amazing” flag, but demonstrating the business case for sustainable transformation and highlighting successful projects that delegates can relate to – sharing insight with an audience that is committed to the same cause, but maybe only just starting their sustainability journey.

Showcase Solutions

Companies with products and services can showcase their innovation and expertise to an audience of business owners, sustainability leaders and decision-makers looking for the solutions that will drive cost and energy efficiencies, contribute to the decarbonisation of our city and meet the changing demands of their customers and stakeholders. 

Who exhibits & sponsors?

ReThink HK 2022 showcased over 200 companies with the products, services and solutions that can facilitate the sustainable transformation required to achieve the ambition of carbon neutrality by 2050 and accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The 2023 event is targeting 250+ companies as it expands to Hall 1CDE of HKCEC which totals 12,000 sqm.

Funding for Showcase Exhibitors – 50% of your booth costs!

Effective from 30 April 2021, the funding scope of EMF has been expanded to cover large-scale exhibitions targeting the local market as well as online exhibitions, and the eligibility criteria has been relaxed to cover non-SMEs, for a period of two years. Hong Kong enterprises may apply to the Export Marketing Fund (EMF) which supports their market promotion activities completed on or after 1 March 2021.

ReThink HK 2023 has again been preliminarily approved by the Trade & Industry Department (TID)’s EMF . Non-listed Hong Kong enterprises will be able to apply for EMF directly to TID for their market promotion activities carried out at ReThink HK 2023.

TID will evaluate each activity and application having regard to the prevailing circumstances.  

Funding Ceilings

Each application should cover expenditure related to one promotion activity. The maximum amount of funding support for each successful application is 50% of the total approved expenditure incurred by the applicant enterprise or $100,000, whichever is the less.


  1. It must be a non-listed enterprise registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310)1.
  2. It must have substantive business operations in Hong Kong at the time of making the application.  An enterprise holding a shell business registration or having its main business operation outside Hong Kong will not be regarded as having substantive business operations in Hong Kong.
  3. If it has previously received funding support under EMF, the cumulative amount of funding received must not exceed the prevailing cumulative funding ceiling.  Applicant enterprises which have similar business registration details (e.g. nature of business, address, contact numbers, shareholder/directorship) will be treated as connected enterprises.  For the purpose of calculating the cumulative funding ceiling, connected enterprises are treated as if they are one enterprise, i.e. the cumulative amount of funding received by the connected enterprises concerned are aggregated and must not exceed the cumulative funding ceiling.

Guide to Application

Click Here for full details on eligibility and the application process for EMF

Click Here to view a completed example application for EMF

Application does not guarantee approval of funding. Terms and conditions apply.

HKSAR Government Convention & Exhibition Industry Subsidy Scheme

To assist companies in exploring markets and business opportunities, the HKSAR Government has launched a subsidy scheme to assist independent organisers to be passed on to exhibitors – local or overseas, large or small, to participate in trade exhibitions until 30th June 2023. Should the scheme be extended then a pro-rata subsidy will be applied to all full-price expo showcase booths or shared pavilions at ReThink HK 2023.