ReThink has established effective and collaborative partnerships with organisations committed to driving awareness and action around sustainable development; professional trade and industry bodies, Chambers of Commerce, environmetnal and social impact groups, media platforms and Hong Kong registered charities.

Confirmed Partners: ReThink 2021


Business Environment Council Limited (BEC) is an independent, charitable membership organisation, established by the business sector in Hong Kong.

Since its establishment in 1992, BEC has been at the forefront of promoting environmental excellence by advocating the uptake of clean technologies and practices which reduce waste, conserve resources, prevent pollution and improve corporate environmental and social responsibility.

BEC offers sustainable solutions and professional services covering advisory, research, assessment, training and award programmes for government, business and the community, thus enabling environmental protection and contributing to the transition to a low carbon economy.

Charity Partners

The Green Earth is a charitable organization established locally with an aim to drive Hong Kong into a healthy and green city by motivating the government, businesses and individuals to contribute their efforts towards a truly sustainable mode of development, through policy advocacy, corporate partnership and green civic education.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

  • To arouse public awareness in plastic pollution and call for the wise use of plastic
  • To advocate the deployment of Producer Responsibility Legislation to effectively manage single-use beverage bottles
  • To lobby for transparent disclosure of corporate environmental performance
  • To promote the concept of Leave No Trace and sustainable trail management
  • To strengthen the cooperation between local and international environmental groups to end illegal waste trade

Insight & Strategy Partner

GlobeScan is a strategy and research organisation that advises on sustainability issues for corporations, NGOs, and governmental organisations. We offer specialist research, advisory and engagement services and partner with clients to meet strategic sustainability objectives.

Content Partners

Dream Impact is a community of socially minded entrepreneurs. We share the same vision in creating collective social impact through our businesses and together develop an innovative and resilient network.

Dream Impact is registered in Hong Kong as a limited company by shares. We are inspired by the guiding principle of UK’s Community Interest Company. Our profits, will be divided into three equal parts, one-third will be re-invested to grow the company, one-third will be donated to social causes aligned with our mission, and one-third will be shared by staff and directors.

Hong Kong 2050 is Now is a Hong Kong-based platform for education, collaboration, and action on the climate crisis. We seek to inspire ambitious target setting, induce behaviour change, and mobilise collective action towards a carbon-neutral Hong Kong.

We believe tackling the climate crisis does not need to compromise quality of life. The decarbonisation of our city is not only technically feasible, but also offers “multiple wins,” including significant economic and environmental benefits. We believe a decarbonised city is people-centric, more liveable, healthier, and economically successful. That is what we envision for Hong Kong.

To achieve these benefits and reach net-zero emissions at reasonable cost, action must be taken as soon as possible.

The Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited (HKGBC) is a non-profit, member led organisation established in 2009 which strives to promote the standards and developments of sustainable buildings in Hong Kong. The HKGBC aims to raise green building awareness by engaging the public, the industry and the government, and to develop practical solutions for Hong Kong’s unique, subtropical built environment of high-rise, high density urban area, leading Hong Kong to become a world’s exemplar of green building development.


Ocean3C is an innovative non-profit organization for the Hong Kong community, targeting Ocean literacy and sustainability.

Collaboration is truly in our DNA to bring together all stakeholders, develop a new Culture through education, science and arts and promote the emergence of Circular solutions.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

  • Develop new collaborations with our existing partners and new comers
  • Extend our pedagogical programs for Hong Kong schools
  • Create public events to develop Ocean literacy in HK

Shared Value Project Hong Kong is a non-profit membership organisation funded by leading corporations to act as a catalyst for Shared Value in the Greater Bay Area. Creating Shared Value – as defined by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer in their influential Harvard Business Review article – is a business strategy that creates competitive advantage by aligning profit and purpose. As part of the global Shared Value network, we help our members future-proof their business by fostering trust with society while unlocking the next pocket of growth. By leveraging our tri-sector network, organisations can create profitable business models that address unmet community needs.

Sustainability Partners

Green Council (GC) is a non-profit, non-partisan environmental organisation and certification body in Hong Kong. With the motto of “Conservation begins with Education”, GC has regularly organized training, seminars and talks on environmental management, waste management, energy conservation, etc. GC established the Hong Kong Green Label Scheme, Sustainable Procurement Charter, Hong Kong Green Awards etc. to recognize and reward outstanding sustainable performance.

Supporting Organisations

The Marketing Society is an influential global membership organisation of 2500 progressive senior marketers. We empower our members to do good in the world by championing sustainability and use their influence to make significant changes in their brands and businesses.

NGO Partners

Grassroots Future is a registered charity working with grassroots and refugee-led organisations to build capacity and self-sufficiency in Hong Kong. We do this through education, well-being, cultural/community event programming and investing in the education of future generations.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

SDG 2: End Hunger – Grassroots Future is helping the refugee community access food banks and food distribution resources while also teaching members of the community how to become more self-reliant with cooking and related skills.

SDG 3: Good Health & Wellbeing – Grassroots Future has a wellbeing program open to refugees and asylum seekers to provide trauma-informed support, coaching and counselling as well as safe spaces to heal.

SDG 4: Quality education – Grassroots Future working with refugees to learn for life, learn skills relevant to the digital age and invest in children’s educational expenses and overall well-being.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption & production – Grassroots Future sources second-hand and preloved items for distribution to the refugee community. Grassroots partners with organisations which are involved in food rescue to reduce food wastage. Additionally, Grassroots runs fabrication workshops with the refugee community using sustainable fibres and upcycled materials.

SDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions – Grassroots Future organises and engages the refugee community in Hong Kong directly on projects and events which create a platform for refugees to connect with other members of society.

Plastic Free Seas is a registered HK charity dedicated to advocating change in the way we all view and use plastics in society today, through education and action campaigns. Our focus is to educate students on the issue of plastic marine pollution, empowering them with the tools they need to be a part of the solution and make change happen.

Soap Cycling is a nonprofit organization that works with the hospitality industry to collect, process, and distribute lightly used soap bars and bottled amenities. These life-saving items are then distributed to disadvantaged communities around the world, particularly Asia. Our vision is to use soap recycling as a tool to engage the local community and inspire the next generation in leading the way to a more sustainable future.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

  • Reduction of Hospitality waste
  • Reuse and Recycling
  • Responsible consumption & Upcycling

The Nature Conservancy is a global conservation organization dedicated to conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends. We work in Hong Kong to invest in nature-based solutions while empowering its urban population to address critical environmental challenges. Leveraging our data-backed science and global expertise, we aim to improve the local ecological, economic and social value of Hong Kong’s natural resources.

Media Partners

FuturArc is a publication that focuses on Green architecture and design. We aim to continue to be the leading publication on socially responsible architecture and sustainable practices in Asia, as we have been doing since 2007. FuturArc features prominent projects, discussions and commentaries of issues relevant to industry professionals.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

BCI Asia, through FuturArc Journal, seeks to generate discourse to heighten awareness about sustainability among its research partners and clients.

We’re running out of time to address the ecological & health ills of our time and we believe alternative protein and the food tech revolution is the solution to our current climate crisis and the best way to advocate for global social and environmental change. Our mission is to shift consumer and corporate behaviour through our original, authentic, and groundbreaking content across Asia and beyond. Green Queen is a multi-channel platform and a trusted global impact media brand. As an award-winning online magazine, we reach millions of readers a year and cover breaking news and product launches, share in-depth research and industry insights, and feature exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs and key ecosystem players. Green Queen is the world’s leading source for APAC alternative protein industry news and reporting, one of the most important consumer products and investment opportunities of our time. As the only media in the region that is 100% animal-free, covering plant-based, cell-based & fermentation-based latest news, product launches, interviews with entrepreneurs and insights from key ecosystem players. Green Queen is usually the first to report on Asia-based breaking announcements and most startups in the ecosystem turn to us exclusively.

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