ReThink HK has established effective and collaborative partnerships with organisations committed to driving awareness and action around sustainable development; professional trade and industry bodies, Chambers of Commerce, environmental and social impact groups, media platforms and Hong Kong registered charities.

Confirmed Partners: ReThink HK 2021


Business Environment Council

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Business Environment Council Limited (BEC) is an independent, charitable membership organisation, established by the business sector in Hong Kong.

Since its establishment in 1992, BEC has been at the forefront of promoting environmental excellence by advocating the uptake of clean technologies and practices which reduce waste, conserve resources, prevent pollution and improve corporate environmental and social responsibility.

BEC offers sustainable solutions and professional services covering advisory, research, assessment, training and award programmes for government, business and the community, thus enabling environmental protection and contributing to the transition to a low carbon economy.

Charity Partners

ImpactHK Limited

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ImpactHK works with people experiencing homelessness to help them help them settle in a safe home, restore their mental and physical wellbeing, build their self-esteem and discover their purpose. To do this, we provide direct holistic support to people experiencing homelessness and empower them to transform their lives. This includes employment training, education, food, shelter, emotional support and much more. At the same time we build community connections to increase collective understanding of homelessness and empathy towards the people who experience it.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. Employment opportunity for one year for someone experiencing homelessness in our secondhand shop that saves clothing waste from landfill

2. Recycling infrastructure set up for five ImpactHK centres and spaces, including divided bins (plastic; paper; general waste) and posters to raise awareness

3. Reducing single use plastics on the streets. Distribution of refillable water bottles for our 200 homeless service users. Installing water machines in all 5 ImpactHK centres (and coupons for one year refills), including one out on the porch at the Guestroom to promote hydration and improve health

4. Nature therapy infrastructure set up to reduce air pollution and boost serotonin in our centres. Installation of indoor plants for our spaces, which is especially relevant in our new counselling centre, where plants are proven to reduce the stress hormone cortisol

The Green Earth

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The Green Earth is a charitable organization established locally with an aim to drive Hong Kong into a healthy and green city by motivating the government, businesses and individuals to contribute their efforts towards a truly sustainable mode of development, through policy advocacy, corporate partnership and green civic education.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. To arouse public awareness in plastic pollution and call for the wise use of plastic

2. To advocate the deployment of Producer Responsibility Legislation to effectively manage single-use beverage bottles

3. To lobby for transparent disclosure of corporate environmental performance

4. To promote the concept of Leave No Trace and sustainable trail management

5. To strengthen the cooperation between local and international environmental groups to end illegal waste trade

Insight & Strategy Partner


GlobeScan is a strategy and research organisation that advises on sustainability issues for corporations, NGOs, and governmental organisations. We offer specialist research, advisory and engagement services and partner with clients to meet strategic sustainability objectives.

Green Finance Partner

Hong Kong Green Finance Association

Founded in September 2018, Hong Kong Green Finance Association (HKGFA) creates a platform that offers channels and opportunities to facilitate the development of green finance and sustainable investments in Hong Kong and beyond. It aims to mobilize both public and private sectors resources and talents in developing green and sustainable finance policies, to promote green and sustainable finance business and product innovation within financial institutions.

ESG Partner

Green Monday Group

With the vision to “Make Change Happen, Make Green Common”, Green Monday aims to build an innovative global ecosystem of future food and ESG best-practice to combat climate change, food insecurity, public health, planetary devastation and animal suffering.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. To build a sustainable global food ecosystem that is resilient enough to tackle the challenges from climate change, food insecurity and public health crises.

2. To build ESG best-practice and unify businesses towards a sustainable future through plant-based solutions.

3. To foster a worldwide platform of climate-friendly and healthy food products.


Content Partners

Drink Without Waste

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Drink Without Waste is an initiative of the Single-Use Beverage Packaging Working Group, an alliance with participants across the beverage value chain, resources management and NGOs. The key objective of the Working Group is to recover 70-90% of used beverage packaging by 2025. See for more information and research.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

Drink Without Waste fully supports EPD in building an effective Producer Responsibility Scheme, which minimize the impact on consumer choice, cost and convenience, while protecting the environment most effectively. The following are our specific suggestions:

1. Cover all packaging materials

2. Starting with a lower rebate (5 cents) rebate

3. Build a collection network designed for Hong Kong

4. Operate the scheme via a professional and not-for-profit platform

Foundation for Shared Impact (FSI)

FSI is a social impact enabler, nurturing the next generation of social impact leaders and creating an ecosystem for them to create impact at scale. We believe broad collaboration and sharing of knowledge, information, and resources are needed to tackle big problems and drive systems change. This is our Shared Impact Model, and it is through this model that we connect social impact leaders with impact-driven collaborators and funders to help them reach their full potential.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. We will continue to work with partner companies that promote diversity and inclusion.

2. We will work with funders to enhance effective philanthropy and build capacity for the social sector.

3. We will continue to enhance our impact-based higher-education model to nurture the next generation of socially conscious business leaders.

Hong Kong 2050 is Now

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Hong Kong 2050 is Now is a Hong Kong-based platform for education, collaboration, and action on the climate crisis. We seek to inspire ambitious target setting, induce behaviour change, and mobilise collective action towards a carbon-neutral Hong Kong.

We believe tackling the climate crisis does not need to compromise quality of life. The decarbonisation of our city is not only technically feasible, but also offers “multiple wins,” including significant economic and environmental benefits. We believe a decarbonised city is people-centric, more liveable, healthier, and economically successful. That is what we envision for Hong Kong.

To achieve these benefits and reach net-zero emissions at reasonable cost, action must be taken as soon as possible.

Hong Kong Green Building Council

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The Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited (HKGBC) is a non-profit, member led organisation established in 2009 which strives to promote the standards and developments of sustainable buildings in Hong Kong. The HKGBC aims to raise green building awareness by engaging the public, the industry and the government, and to develop practical solutions for Hong Kong’s unique, subtropical built environment of high-rise, high density urban area, leading Hong Kong to become a world’s exemplar of green building development.



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Ocean3C is an innovative non-profit organization for the Hong Kong community, targeting Ocean literacy and sustainability.

Collaboration is truly in our DNA to bring together all stakeholders, develop a new Culture through education, science and arts and promote the emergence of Circular solutions.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. Develop new collaborations with our existing partners and new comers

2. Extend our pedagogical programs for Hong Kong schools

3. Create public events to develop Ocean literacy in HK

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong (SVIHK) is a non-profit membership organisation funded by leading corporations to act as a catalyst for Shared Value in the Greater Bay Area. As part of the global Shared Value network, we help our members future-proof their business by fostering trust with society while unlocking the next pocket of growth. By leveraging our tri-sector network, organisations can create profitable business models to address unmet community needs.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is a global nonprofit organization and alliance of over 250 apparel, footwear, and textile companies, including leading manufacturers in Hong Kong. Together, we are working toward transforming business for exponential impact through groundbreaking tools (Higg Index), collaborative partnerships, and trusted leadership for industry sustainability.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. Launch Transparency Seal to the Industry

2. Launch Full version of Higg Index Product Module

3. Establish clear sustainability commitments for members to work on

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (SwedCham HK) is a non-profit, member led organisation established in 1986 which exists to advance the interests of Swedish business in Hong Kong. SwedCham HK has for many years worked actively with environmental protection. Now the scope has broadened in response to the numerous sustainability challenges we face today. Numerous members – individuals and corporations – are committed to take a leadership role in adopting sustainable business practices in Hong Kong and beyond. The SwedCham HK Sustainability Committee serves as a platform to further support and enhance that ambition. SwedCham HK has a strong track record of successfully working with Hong Kong’s policy makers for a more sustainable society.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. Raise awareness about the need for a green recovery in Hong Kong

2. Support our member companies’ great work with sustainability

3. Continue to raise the profile of Sweden and Swedish sustainable policies


We work with companies who recognise – and seek to realise – the benefit of gender diversity to the health and wellbeing of their employees, the business and the broader community in which they operate. Womentors aim to bring to bear the often “untapped” and unique experience and expertise that women can bring to our workplace, our economy and our society.

We provide consulting services and training around sustainability, inclusion, unconscious bias and female employee well being programmes. We provide a platform for thought leadership and advocacy campaigns to drive industry or policy change against defined metrics. Womentors also provides Individual and Corporate membership that offer a range of benefits support them in building sustainable businesses. We’ll recognise the efforts of our members, where you can partner with us and be part of our 2022 Female Well Being awards.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision making in different sectors.

2. End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere

3. Reduce inequality within and among countries

Sustainability Partner

Green Council

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Green Council is a non-profit charitable environmental stewardship organisation and certification body of Hong Kong established in 2000.With the motto of “Conservation begins with Education”, the Green Council is fully committed to provide continued education and training on sustainable procurement, environmental management, waste management, energy conservation, etc.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. To recognise the organisations for those projects that contributed to UN SDGs.

2. To promote water conservation among non-domestic sectors.

3. To advance the capacity of corporate members in mitigation of climate change.

Supporting Organisations

Asia Pacific Real Assets Association Limited

APREA offers a distinctive global outreach and vision for the Asia Pacific real assets sector, with an aim to create value for our members through the following key focuses:

Asia Pacific Opportunities
Professional Development
Real Assets Sector
Education & Research

APREA is committed to promoting good environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices in the real assets landscape. There is no one-size-fits-all approach but in APREA, it is about making research, data and insights, and best practices available to all of the members that will help them in their ESG journey.

Asia Society Hong Kong Center

Asia Society Hong Kong Center (ASHK) is an independent non-governmental organization established in 1990 as an affiliate of the Asia Society global network with the mission to forge closer ties between Asia and the West in arts and culture, business and policy. ASHK is committed to providing educational platforms that present balanced perspectives and promote critical understanding of topics that are relevant to Hong Kong, Asia and the region’s role in the world, as we navigate shared futures.



Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors

As Asia-Pacific Communications and Public Relations Directors, we represent an invaluable platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and helps to advance our profession. By establishing common quality standards and supporting professional qualification within the field, by organising conferences and meetings, and by providing services, analysis, and informative media, this non-partisan association works for the benefit of the Asia-Pacific communications and public affairs community.

Since our inception in 2014, APACD has has provided a voice to more than 400 communications and public affairs directors across the Asia-Pacific region. We organise regular conferences, seminars and networking sessions, while also benchmarking in-house performance through our awards programme and supporting professional development via training, mentoring and knowledge sharing.

British Chamber of Commerce in Macao

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (CanChamHK) is a proactive, non-government body that provides an extensive networking platform for members with business interests in Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the broader Asia-Pacific region. CanChamHK is one of the largest Canadian business organizations outside of Canada, one of the leading and most active international chambers in Hong Kong, and an influential business group in Asia-Pacific.

Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong and Macao

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When a country has as much to offer as Canada, it is why hundreds of foreign investors have set up plants and operations here. While helping Canadian businesses to achieve their international business goals, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service can also help your company to establish operations in Canada or source Canadian innovative products, services or technologies.

Dream Impact

Dream Impact is a community of socially minded entrepreneurs. We share the same vision in creating collective social impact through our businesses and together develop an innovative and resilient network.

Dream Impact is registered in Hong Kong as a limited company by shares. We are inspired by the guiding principle of UK’s Community Interest Company. Our profits, will be divided into three equal parts, one-third will be re-invested to grow the company, one-third will be donated to social causes aligned with our mission, and one-third will be shared by staff and directors.

European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

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The European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (EuroCham) is a non-governmental business interest group comprising of 13 European Chambers based in Hong Kong and 1 in Macau. EuroCham serves to promote commercial, industrial, financial, scientific, and other economic exchanges between Europe, Hong Kong, Macau, and the Greater Bay Area, including topics surrounding sustainability by hosting forumsthat provide platforms for function exchanges on the topic. EuroCham also hosts a business council for sustainable development, which seeks to ensure that sustainable development will be a key driver of competitive advantage for European businesses in Hong Kong.



Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong connects Finnish companies, and companies with close ties to Finland, through business networking, knowledge sharing and market visibility. The Sustainability committee of Finnish Chamber of Commerce was launched in late 2017 and aims to facilitate sustainability-focused dialogue among businesses and the wider community in Hong Kong, with a specific focus on Finnish firms. The committee’s main goal is to inspire and facilitate action among businesses in Hong Kong to address environmental issues in a sustainable manner.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

  1. Share knowledge and promote Finnish companies sustainability innovations and services in Hong Kong
  2. Create dialogue on climate goals and work with city of Hong Kong and Finish companies on carbon emission reduction (event on Carbon dialogue)
  3. Actively participate and empower out member in the community activities with tree planting, world cleanup day, energy reduction guidance etc.
  4. Through our Diversity and inclusiveness committee Finncham will empower people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different, for example by age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin.

Friends of the Earth (HK)

Friends of the Earth (HK) was established in 1983 as a charitable organization. It is one of Hong Kong’s most prominent green groups with a vision to promote a healthy and sustainable environment for all. FoE (HK) hopes to make Hong Kong climate ready for a resilient and sustainable future.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

  1. SDG 11. Sustainable Cities and Commitments
  2. SDG 13. Climate Action
  3. SDG 17. Partnership for the Goals

Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies

The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies, Limited (the Association) was founded in January 1990 with the aim of maintaining the standards of professional property management, and to provide its members with the benefit of a representative negotiating body in discussions with government or other bodies relating to the interests, rights, powers and privileges of the members, or other matters of common interest. The Association promotes continuing education to its members and other interested parties, to cooperate with similar organisations to uplift the service standards, while establishing the Codes of Conduct and management procedures to safeguard the owners and public interests.  The Association has 108 members who provide quality service for over 70% of the resident units, various commercial buildings, car parks, and private and government facilities in Hong Kong among those that hire property management companies.

Hong Kong Construction Materials Association

Hong Kong Construction Materials Association (HKCMA) was established in 1999 and founded by a batch of professionals in the industry at the beginning. Being a non-profit making professional body serving the Construction Material industry through its wealth of knowledge and expertise. HKCMA’s membership base currently comprises member companies engaged in diverse core building products encompassing cement, aggregate, asphalt, ready-mixed concrete, river sand and precast concrete etc. Our member companies include publicly listed companies, global leaders and SMEs.

Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

For the past 159 years, The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce has grown together with Hong Kong and the business community. Our mission is to promote, represent and safeguard the interests of the business community in Hong Kong, and at the same time provide support, networks, training and business services to help the business community grow.

Hong Kong PropTech Association

Directly addressing economic, environmental, and social issues that matter to us and our community, the Hong Kong Proptech Association is committed to advocating for and integrating the adoption of sustainable strategies that follow the recommendations of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). Above all, we are committed to the well-being and the greater good of the Hong Kong community.


Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency

Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) is a non-profit organisation established by the Hong Kong Government in 1989. As one of the leading conformity organisations in the Asia Pacific region, HKQAA is committed to providing certification and assessment services. Apart from introducing world-class management systems to Hong Kong, HKQAA has also developed a wide range of innovative services especially in the area of sustainability, eg Sustainability Rating and Research, Green Finance Certification Scheme, CSR Index, Sustainability Building Index, etc to meet the market needs

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. By utilising our industry knowledge and professionalism, we will develop more innovative services in regard to sustainability to cope with government policies and meet the needs of society and industries.

2. We will closely communicate with various stakeholders, and support enterprises, partners, chambers and associations to nurture talents.

3. We will act as a bridge to connect business and stakeholders from various sectors to create shared values and develop collaborator networks for the sake of advancing the sustainable development of society

Hong Kong Rugby

The HKRU, as a National Sports Association and organiser of the annual Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens, recognises that sport is an important enabler of sustainable development. Sport speaks to young people in a language they understand and can provide a platform for making sustainability relevant, engaging and fun. Through the work of our Community Foundation, we are striving to make a positive contribution to the health, education and social inclusion SDGs. Our ‘Green 7s’ campaign has twice been recognised as a “Green Outdoor Event” by the Environmental Campaign Committee, has been endorsed by the Government as a certified Green Event partner, and received a Hong Kong Award for Environmental Excellence in 2018. In February 2019, the HKRU became the world’s first Rugby Union to become a signatory of the UN Sports for Action Climate Change pledge.


Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition

The HKSSC offers a practical and collaborative way to demonstrate good sourcing practices by its members committing to voluntary codes on responsible seafood sourcing. HKSSC members come together to find solutions to shared challenges, and drive the agenda with the support of a Secretariat. Expert groups are engaged to ensure sourcing practices tackle pressing issues such as illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing, overfishing, traceability, harmful fish farming practices and risks to human health.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

  • Grow membership (buyers or sellers of seafood in HK; other organisations that can influence seafood sourcing decisions)
  • Add local retailers to membership e.g. supermarkets
  • Produce sustainability risk profiles for up to 10 species that have not been assessed elsewhere (e.g. WWF) but that are sourced by our members
  • Launch an online sustainable seafood sourcing platform with the support of our members

Hong Kong Tourism Board

The Hong Kong Tourism Board established Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong (MEHK) to continue strengthening the city’s position as the number one destination for meetings, incentive trips, conventions, and exhibitions in Asia-Pacific.

MEHK offers extensive support services that make world-leading MICE events simple to setup and smooth to execute. Step by step, MEHK will lay the groundwork to take your event to unprecedented heights, whether it be through helping you find suitable hotels, providing city-wide hospitality and trade offers, facilitating dedicated immigration counters at Hong Kong International Airport, assembling complimentary welcome packages for attendees, or presenting thrilling cultural and leisure experiences that will give your event a memorable edge.

Together with the city’s network of highly qualified professionals, and a ‘can do’ attitude that’s famously Hong Kong, the MEHK team is dedicated to helping before, during and after your event to achieve success at every stage.

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong (JCIHK), inaugurated in 1950, is affiliated with the worldwide leadership development organization – The Junior Chamber International (JCI). We have about 2,000 members aged from 18 -40, representing a network of highly motivated and forward-looking young men and women who foster Sustainable Development Goals in business and community projects. Its annual SDG Pioneer Program engages young leaders from Hong Kong to countries in Asia and the Pacific to co-create solutions for people, planet and prosperity.




Powered by the Global Shapers Hong Kong hub, SUSTAINHK focuses on industry-level conversations and exchanges, bringing together changemakers, influencers and the public to inspire awareness, dialogue and action on environmental sustainability.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The Chamber is one of Hong Kong’s biggest and most active independent international business organisations representing a broad span of British, Hong Kong and international companies doing business in, with, or through Hong Kong.

The Chamber encourages diversity in its membership and activities and has over 1,000 members from the biggest multinationals through to a broad range of medium and smaller companies and start-ups. The Chamber’s aim is to help our members grow their business, and promote and represent their business interests by providing representation and advocacy; networking and brand exposure; as well as information and insight.

The Institute of Shopping Centre Management

The Institute of Shopping Centre Management (ISCM) is a non-profit making organization founded by a group of local shopping centre professionals, certified practitioners and professors in the shopping centre management industry. We have extensive knowledge, skills and practical experience in managing various shopping centre portfolios in Hong Kong and the Mainland China.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao

Established in 1997, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao (ICC) provides a common platform for Italian business communities based in Hong Kong for its local members, and aims at promoting business exchanges between Italy, Hong Kong and Macao.

The Marketing Society

The Marketing Society is an influential global membership organisation of 2500 progressive senior marketers. We empower our members to do good in the world by championing sustainability and use their influence to make significant changes in their brands and businesses.

Time Auction

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Time Auction is a charity that advocates volunteerism. We encourage volunteering with inspiring experiences, while connecting skilled-volunteers with NGOs. By volunteering 10 hours to any charity, one can earn unique access to their passions — from dining with inspiring industry leaders to joining various workshops such as baking and calligraphy! With a community of working professionals, our skilled-volunteer matching platform helps NGOs find the right talent for short term skills-based volunteer projects.

NGO Partners

China Water Risk

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A think tank creating a world where water & climate risks are embedded in business & finance to enable better decisions.

Community Business

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Community Business is an NGO whose mission is to lead, inspire and support businesses to make positive impacts on people and communities. A recognised leader in advancing responsible and inclusive business practices in Asia, we work with companies from diverse industries, harnessing the power of business to drive social change.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

  • To build responsible leadership
  • To tackle workplace inequality
  • To ensure employee wellbeing
  • To promote social inclusion


Crossroads Foundation

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Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong based, non-profit organisation serving global need. We believe that, in a broken world that sees too much suffering, we should do all we can to link those who are in need with those who can provide help. So we provide an intersection, literally a crossroads, to bring both together.

Feeding Hong Kong

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Feeding Hong Kong’s mission is to reduce the amount of quality food sent to our city’s landfills and fight hunger in Hong Kong. We do this through delivering a B2B logistics service, which links food companies with surplus stock to charities directly feeding those in need. Last year, through our partnerships with the food industry, we saved 725 tonnes of food from landfill. Instead, this was redistributed to 130+ charity partners and supported over 3 million meals for people in need.

Grassroots Future

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Grassroots Future is a registered charity working with grassroots and refugee-led organisations to build capacity and self-sufficiency in Hong Kong. We do this through education, well-being, cultural/community event programming and investing in the education of future generations.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

SDG 2: End Hunger – Grassroots Future is helping the refugee community access food banks and food distribution resources while also teaching members of the community how to become more self-reliant with cooking and related skills.

SDG 3: Good Health & Wellbeing – Grassroots Future has a wellbeing program open to refugees and asylum seekers to provide trauma-informed support, coaching and counselling as well as safe spaces to heal.

SDG 4: Quality education – Grassroots Future working with refugees to learn for life, learn skills relevant to the digital age and invest in children’s educational expenses and overall well-being.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption & production – Grassroots Future sources second-hand and preloved items for distribution to the refugee community. Grassroots partners with organisations which are involved in food rescue to reduce food wastage. Additionally, Grassroots runs fabrication workshops with the refugee community using sustainable fibres and upcycled materials.

SDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions – Grassroots Future organises and engages the refugee community in Hong Kong directly on projects and events which create a platform for refugees to connect with other members of society.

Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

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Since the start of the outbreak, Habitat Hong Kong has seen both an increase in demand for its services, as well as new needs emerging. The families Habitat serves face higher risks now, as they need home hygiene products and deep cleaning services to maintain a safe and clean-living environment. Habitat usually helps around 200 families a year, but in 2020, its services served nearly 4,000 families, distributing over 140,000 home hygiene products. As Hong Kong’s public gathering restrictions loosen up, Habitat is scaling up the programmes and public policy work to serve even more families and address the root causes of substandard living conditions.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

We will continue and advocate to the Government the importance of using the pandemic as an opportunity to make policies that improve inadequate housing conditions – actions which would align with and forward progress toward achieving SDG11.1, ensuring access for all to adequate, safe, and affordable housing and basic services, and upgrade slums.

Plastic Free Seas

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Plastic Free Seas is a registered HK charity dedicated to advocating change in the way we all view and use plastics in society today, through education and action campaigns. Our focus is to educate students on the issue of plastic marine pollution, empowering them with the tools they need to be a part of the solution and make change happen.

Resolve Foundation

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Resolve empowers future community leaders to bring about inclusive social change. Our Social Justice Fellowship brings 20 emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds together every year to create a diverse and inclusive Hong Kong. We prioritize people from marginalized groups in the society so that they could create ripple effects within their communities.

Room to Read

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Room to Read’s current 5-year Strategic Plan, Vision 2025, includes a commitment to strengthening environmentally sustainable practices through our operations and for our programs. In 2018, we enacted the Room to Read Sustainability Policy, in which we committed to promoting positive environmental practices through our global operations and programs with an awareness that a world free from illiteracy and gender inequality is only possible when households and communities are not hindered by climate change, natural resource degradation, and poor access to sustainable and reliable energy.

Soap Cycling

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Soap Cycling is a nonprofit organization that works with the hospitality industry to collect, process, and distribute lightly used soap bars and bottled amenities. These life-saving items are then distributed to disadvantaged communities around the world, particularly Asia. Our vision is to use soap recycling as a tool to engage the local community and inspire the next generation in leading the way to a more sustainable future.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. Reduction of Hospitality waste

2. Reuse and Recycling

3. Responsible consumption & Upcycling

The Nature Conservancy

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The Nature Conservancy is a global conservation organization dedicated to conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends. We work in Hong Kong to invest in nature-based solutions while empowering its urban population to address critical environmental challenges. Leveraging our data-backed science and global expertise, we aim to improve the local ecological, economic and social value of Hong Kong’s natural resources.

Community Partner


reBooked is a student-led social enterprise which aims to promote sustainability in literacy through the re-circulation of children’s books. Established in August 2019, it started as an online platform and has since expanded into a brick-and-mortar location in Central. reBooked has extended the shelf life of more than 45,000 children’s books in Hong Kong – preventing the books from going to one of Hong Kong’s landfills.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

Collect, reuse or recycle an additional 30,000 books in 2021.

Media Partners


Earth.Org is a not for profit environmental organisation based in Hong Kong. We want to create visually compelling storylines to bring people closer to an understanding of what is happening to natural ecosystems worldwide. Specifically, we want to highlight the human-driven causes of natural environmental disasters and the climate crisis.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. expand our contributor network to ensure our environmental news coverage expands as well.

2. expand our data science partners.

3. grow our conservation support.


Booth G44

We are an Asia-Pacific’s communications agency focused on promoting and supporting sustainability and low-carbon lifestyles for the well-being of people, community and the environment, by offering purpose-driven digital, social, branding, and CSR communications solutions to corporates across Asia-Pacific.

The ultimate end result is to achieve and help others to achieve sustainable growth until it becomes immeasurable, and to be the earth’s most dependable companion by making every business decision innovative and socially responsible.

Our Sustainability Goals for 2021:

  • As a sustainability-focused communications agency, we are keen on exploring any possibility of injecting sustainability elements into our clients’ campaigns upon their understanding and mutual agreement.
  • We aim to enhance the public awareness of UN SDGs and alleviate the social issues through digital, social, branding, and CSR communications solutions in Hong Kong. SDGs that we mainly focus on 2021: Goal 10: Reduced inequalities Goal; 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities; Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.
  • Ultimately, we aim to inspire and empower corporates to meet their SDGs, and also connect local social enterprises with corporates and public in Hong Kong.

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International is a global market research company providing strategic intelligence on industries, companies, economies and consumers. Our comprehensive international coverage and insights across consumer goods, B2B and service industries make our research an essential resource for all businesses. Every year, we spend 1% of our turnover on charitable projects chosen by our staff.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

  1. Euromonitor offsets all flight emissions and energy use across global offices through our Carbon Balancing programme. We’re aiming to pursue Green Office for all our 15 offices globally and reduce air travel.
  2. Euromonitor CSR programme is strongly focused on community impact and it is employee-led. We hope to continue, increase engagement and make more positive impact on local communities.
  3. We track and make sure our charitable partners cover all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


FuturArc is a publication that focuses on Green architecture and design. We aim to continue to be the leading publication on socially responsible architecture and sustainable practices in Asia, as we have been doing since 2007. FuturArc features prominent projects, discussions and commentaries of issues relevant to industry professionals.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

BCI Asia, through FuturArc Journal, seeks to generate discourse to heighten awareness about sustainability among its research partners and clients.

Generation T

Generation T is a community media platform for young leaders shaping Asia’s future. Through inspirational content and curated events, we celebrate the drive and disruptive spirit of entrepreneurs and creatives across the region. Generation T operates in eight territories across Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia.


Green Queen Media

We’re running out of time to address the ecological & health ills of our time and we believe alternative protein and the food tech revolution is the solution to our current climate crisis and the best way to advocate for global social and environmental change. Our mission is to shift consumer and corporate behaviour through our original, authentic, and groundbreaking content across Asia and beyond. Green Queen is a multi-channel platform and a trusted global impact media brand. As an award-winning online magazine, we reach millions of readers a year and cover breaking news and product launches, share in-depth research and industry insights, and feature exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs and key ecosystem players. Green Queen is the world’s leading source for APAC alternative protein industry news and reporting, one of the most important consumer products and investment opportunities of our time. As the only media in the region that is 100% animal-free, covering plant-based, cell-based & fermentation-based latest news, product launches, interviews with entrepreneurs and insights from key ecosystem players. Green Queen is usually the first to report on Asia-based breaking announcements and most startups in the ecosystem turn to us exclusively.

Harbour Times

Harbour Times makes news easy, digestible and engaging for everyone. We extensively cover sustainability, smart development and social issues.

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PRC Magazine

PRC (Pacific Rim Construction) is Asia Pacific’s leading business publication related to the property market, construction and design sectors. Tabloid style, PRC is large, bi-monthly and bi-lingual (English & Simplified Chinese) and is distributed to professional people in relative industries, such as: Property Developers, Realtors, Hotel & Resort managers, Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Contractors, Government and more. Together with an on-line version, PRC generates over 30,000 industry specific readers across Asia and beyond.

Retail in Asia is Asia’s pioneer free news website dedicated to the retail industry. Retail in Asia keeps its readers updated with the latest news, trends, reports, events and openings on everything that is happening across the Asian retail landscape. Topics include: brand activations, digital innovations, visual merchandising, marketing, retail systems, channels, people, events, store openings, and more, making Retail in Asia an invaluable source of information for anyone who works in or around the retail sector. Retail in Asia has also Consulting division supported by a team of executives with over 60 years of combined experiences in the industry.

Sustainable Asia

Based in Hong Kong. We produce engaging multimedia content about Asia and a changing planet. Our radio shows, podcasts and multimedia features give a fresh new perspective on innovations coming out of Asia to solve the environmental problems we face. Listen now and become a part of the solution to create a Sustainable Asia.

The Economist

When James Wilson published the prospectus for The Economist, a new periodical he planned to launch, he described it as “a weekly paper, to be published every Saturday”. To modern eyes the 19th-century black-and-white incarnation of The Economist is clearly a newspaper, and it looked very similar until the middle of the 20th century. The red logo appeared for the first time in 1959, the first colour cover in 1971, and it was only in 2001 that full colour was introduced on all inside pages. By the time the transformation from newspaper to magazine format had been completed, the habit of referring to ourselves as “this newspaper” had stuck.

The Economist Group – World Ocean Initiative

WELL, Magazine Asia

WELL, Magazine Asia, Well Media International’s, online (only) magazine platform, is an up and coming Hong Kong based publication focused on publishing positive media stories focused on sustainability and purpose in life and business.

Through compelling written content, podcasts and events, WELL, intends to inspire individuals and organizations to make a positive shift towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

We are proud partners of ReThink 2021 where we hope to cover the exciting stories connected with the show and do what we like to do best- build community with likeminded people who care and want to make a positive difference.

Why Partner with ReThink HK?

Effective collaboration is key for driving sustainable development.

Partnering with ReThink HK will amplify your initiatives and connect you to new business stakeholders, communities and potential supporters. We’re not interested in simple logo-swap arrangements, we want the relationships with our partners to generate value for everyone involved.

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