05 - 06 October 2022
HKCEC, WanChai, Hong Kong

+3000 Attendees

+200 Solutions

24 Workshops

6 Global Keynotes

7 Themed Theatres

It’s time to rethink

Rethink /riːˈθɪŋk/ verb
To think again about a plan, idea, or system
in order to change or improve it.

ReThink is Hong Kong’s best attended and most ambitious business event for sustainable development.

The two-day conference and expo have been designed specifically for Hong Kong business leaders, sustainability practitioners, and those responsible for researching and resourcing new sustainable strategies.

2021 Event Summary (2nd edition)

– 2,243 unique attendees from 774 organisations
– 2,679 total attendance over two days
– 758 attended both days
– 53% at Board Level or Sustainability Lead role

Delegate Survey Results

– 80% of delegates rated the event very good or excellent
– 73% of delegates plan to return for ReThink HK 2022
– 69% will recommend the event to colleagues
– 63% inspired by the event to make immediate changes to their business/operations

Solutions Showcase Expo with 134 booths

– 83% of exhibitors met or exceeded their objectives
– 61% already reporting good to excellent ROI from the event

^Data from Post-event Survey results as of 18.10.21

Our Impact

Delegate fees contributed HK$309,300 to The Green Earth and ImpactHK to support local impact projects. See more here

2,243 trees planted thanks to EcoMatcher, which will sequester ~600Kg2 of CO2 over their lifetime to help offset the event’s carbon shadow

The annual ecosystem event operates under license from the business and sustainability communities that it is privileged to support – uniting stakeholders, demonstrating the business case and strategies for change against a backdrop of innovation and the sustainable solutions needed to achieve a circular economy and strive for a carbon-neutral Hong Kong before 2050.

ReThink HK 2021 was co-organised by the Business Environment Council – Hong Kong’s leading body for advocating sustainable strategies, environmental protection and contributing to the transition to a low carbon economy.

2021 Sponsors

Our Purpose

The challenge of protecting and restoring global ecosystems becomes more and more critical each and every day.

However, there is hope. And, there is ambition.

We want to hand future generations a realistic chance of thriving in a city that is in harmony with nature, using resources efficiently and contributing towards a low-carbon and circular economy.

By changing the way we use resources, stabilising the environment and improving the lives of all through collective change and shared responsibility – we have an opportunity to accelerate the rate of change and show what Hong Kong is really capable of, but that opportunity is precious and must not be wasted.

“Ultimately, purpose is the engine of long-term profitability.”

Larry Fink, January 2020

The Conference

The 2021 edition expanded on our founder’s ambition to curate a high-value business ecosystem event that is outcome focussed, delivers immediate and measurable impact, facilitates collaboration, and leads to real action towards a more equitable and climate-smart future for Hong Kong.

The content-led hybrid-format event model puts thought-leadership, insight, and debate alongside innovation and real solutions.

2021 Event Themes


ReThink is supported by a group of cross-sector sustainability leaders who form the advisory panel and provide key insight into how ReThink can best address the needs of the Hong Kong ecosystem.

Meeting as a group and individually, the ReThink HK Advisory Committee members advise on current and future trends, conference topics, potential speakers and cutting-edge technology/suppliers for the Showcase Expo.

” Many individuals are doing what they can. But real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics. “

Sir David Attenborough, May 2019