Business Environment Council

Business Environment Council Limited (BEC) is an independent, charitable membership organisation, established by the business sector in Hong Kong.

Since its establishment in 1992, BEC has been at the forefront of promoting environmental excellence by advocating the uptake of clean technologies and practices which reduce waste, conserve resources, prevent pollution and improve corporate environmental and social responsibility.

BEC offers sustainable solutions and professional services covering advisory, research, assessment, training and award programmes for government, business and the community, thus enabling environmental protection and contributing to the transition to a low carbon economy.

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Sustainability Performance Update 2020

BEC published their Sustainability Performance Update 2020 on 23 December with details on their swift responses to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and their building’s environmental performance. BEC has also updated their sustainability metrics for FY 2019/20.

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BEC Membership Scheme

BEC welcomes organisations of all sizes and across all sectors to join hands to facilitate Hong Kong’s sustainable development. BEC appreciates both learners and leaders who have a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility when doing business.

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(852) 2784 3960

BEC Low Carbon Charter

In March 2019, the Charter was developed to mobilise companies to contribute with collective resolve towards Hong Kong’s long-term decarbonisation.

The Charter was the first of its kind to respond specifically to the call for action from the Paris Agreement. Signatories have to set decarbonisation targets supported by a comprehensive action plan.

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Building & Energy Efficiency

Building and Energy Efficiency forms an integral part of BEC’s focus. Building on their long history in green buildings management, they help businesses implement the latest technology to upgrade the performance of the built environment, enhance energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and remain competitive in a low-carbon world.

Green Building Labelling is one of the key initiatives of BEC. BEC initiated Hong Kong’s Building Environmental Assessment Method (“BEAM”) in 1996 and helped develop different BEAM Plus rating tools. BEC contributes and advises on built environment-related matters.

BEC Expertise:

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Ir C.F. Leung