2023 Brochure released!

Insight from ReThink HK will bring you original and syndicated sustainability news, ideas and inspiration for driving sustainable development and encouraging businesses in Hong Kong to collaborate and strive for a climate-smart city.

ReThink HK 2023 – Call for Speakers

Nominate someone you think would be a great speaker. Self-nominations are welcome.

Take Your ESG/Sustainability Report to the Next Level by SGS Sustainability Report Assurance

Showcase your company’s commitment to sustainability and set yourself apart from the competition by Sustainability Report Assurance (SRA).

Creating better urban environments with our customers and partners

At KONE, we want to contribute to better urban living by helping people move around in and between buildings, in ways that are smooth and safe.

Why should food waste be brought to our table?

Food waste extends beyond plate waste. It is a significant yet ironic challenge that has gained global recognition.

How Hong Kong can get its water conservation ducks in a row

Hong Kong must take its cue from water-stressed nations that have applied sound strategies and technologies to address water scarcity.

Sustainable Business: Why is positive impact so hard to achieve?

Transitioning towards sustainable business models and value propositions is no longer a matter of “if” or even “when”, it’s all about “how” and “how fast”.

Swire Pacific’s sustainability efforts recognised by leading global rating agencies

Swire Pacific received recognitions from the global ESG indices and rating agencies, reflecting its continuous commitment on building sustainable value.

How do Spare-it Waste Challenges work?

The Spare-it Waste Challenges are a combination of Smart Technology, Waste Management, and Employee Engagement, and the goals are to reduce waste and improve recycling collectively.


Let’s face the facts, we LOVE to buy clothes. So how we buy cloths which are sustainable for human beings and our planet?

When will climate disclosures start to impact decarbonization?

The fourth EY Global Climate Risk Barometer reveals that companies are still not translating disclosures into concrete actions.

The Heroes our children need for a better tomorrow

Meet the Mini Greeny Heroes, with the sole mission of educating and bringing awareness to the next generation of leaders.

Intertek Spoke at Vegetarian Food Asia 2023 and Introduce Vegan Certification

Intertek Hong Kong was invited to speak at the Vegetarian Food Asia 2023. Its speech delivered the insights on “Vegan vs Vegetarian… The Need of A Formal Vegan Certification”.

Hong Kong’s lack of ‘producer pays’ bill leaves city scrambling for recycling answers

The government’s plan for a new drinks carton recycler to be up and running in just a few months is unrealistic.