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ReThink HK 2022 Event Launch Press Release (in English and Traditional Chinese)

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ReThink HK 2022 – Call for Speakers

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Global Innovation: Winter presents book cover Toile Ocean

Winter & Company partners with #tide® and presents the world’s first book cloth made of #tide ocean material.

Mission: “simply clean consciously and sustainably.“

Cleaning is something one must do in every offices, every building, anywhere you can imagine. With thousands of chemicals, natural

AIA is focused on the inextricable link between our health and the environment

AIA Australia released The Environment and our Health, a report highlighting the widespread impact that human interactions with the environment have on health. By raising awareness of the environment-health connection, AIA hopes to empower collective action and innovative solutions that will lead to positive outcomes for all people and the planet.

Heatwaves are a reminder to work up a sweat in the fight against climate change

Carbon emissions, which fell during the first year of the pandemic, rebounded last year and there has been a sharp increase in the use of coal.

Avalon SteriTech – Your trusted partner in creating a sustainable and safe environment for traveling, working, and living

Avalon SteriTech is committed to building a sustainable and safe environment for all by offering next-generation cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization technology infrastructure for public spaces.

Bupa and The Green Earth to improve Hong Kong’s biodiversity with 1,000 native trees

Bupa partners with The Green Earth to promote an understanding of the connection between the health of people and the planet.

From Boston to Hong Kong: Smart Waste Reduction and Workplace Catalyst for Sustainability

From Boston to Hong Kong: Smart Waste Reduction and Workplace Catalyst for Sustainability

Pioneer the Possible: Sweden aims for zero carbon emissions by 2045

Sweden has a long history of international commitment, co-creation towards sustainable development and is pioneering the evolution of climate-smart technologies.

Hong Kong Maxim’s Group: upcycling bread into beer and planting trees to sequester carbon

Hong Kong Maxim’s Group upcycles surplus bread to craft beer for circular economy. Let’s cheer for a good cause!

ESG Risk Management along the Supply Chain

The movement by businesses in Hong Kong to promote sustainability gathers more momentum every year. We thought it would be good to take a look at the knock-on effect it is having, as businesses around the world face pressure to adapt.

Taking Tangible Action on Sustainable Supply Chains

We create meaningful change in global supply chains through partnerships, education and better design

Sustainature: A One-Stop ESG Online Management Platform for Enterprises

Sustainature, an online ESG management platform launched by AEC Group aims to simplify the process of ESG data processing