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Event Partners

Collaboration Is Key

Partner with ReThink HK

ReThink HK has established effective and collaborative partnerships with organisations committed to driving awareness and action around sustainable development; professional trade and industry bodies, chambers of commerce, environmental and social impact groups, media platforms and Hong Kong registered charities.

Some of our amazing event partners for ReThink HK 2022

Business Environment Council
Exclusive Co-organiser

Business Environment Council

Booth A24 & B30

Since its establishment in 1992, BEC has been at the forefront of promoting environmental excellence by advocating the uptake of clean technologies and practices which reduce waste, conserve resources, prevent pollution and improve corporate environmental and social responsibility. BEC offers sustainable solutions and professional services covering advisory, research, assessment, training and award programmes for government, business and the community, thus enabling environmental protection and contributing to the transition to a low carbon economy.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

  • EnviroSeries Conference
  • Policy Dialogue Series
  • Industry visit
  • Webinars

Meet our speakers:

Charity Partner

HandsOn Hong Kong

As a local charity with the mission to empower everyone in Hong Kong to volunteer, HandsOn develops service programs in partnership with the city’s under-served non-profit organizations and connects them with the volunteer manpower they need to further their critical causes. Every day of the year, our team provides vital behind-the-scenes assistance to these charities, serving as an extension of their teams and enabling them to outsource much of their program and volunteer management at no cost. Throughout the COVID-crisis, HandsOn has supported 140,000+ vulnerable individuals in Hong Kong through 5,000+ relief service programs.


Content Partners

AmCham HK

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AmCham) is one of the largest American Chambers outside the US, the largest international chamber in Hong Kong and one of the most dynamic and influential international business organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. The Chamber’s mission is to foster commerce among US, Hong Kong and Mainland China, as well as to enhance Hong Kong’s stature as an international business center.

AmCham members are united in the belief that an economic system based upon free trade, open markets and private enterprise creates employment, prosperity and stability. The chamber subscribes to a set of universal business principles in support of our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.

Through the Energy, Environment, Social and Governance Committee, AmCham endeavors to help members navigate the complex local and global sustainability trends, identify responsible business opportunities and to promote corporate citizenship among the Hong Kong business community.

Meet our speakers:

Business with Purpose

“Business with Purpose” is a platform co-curated by The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) and Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) to advance social impact considerations and innovations in business.

In its inaugural year in 2021, “Business with Purpose” was joined by 15 business leaders from the likes of Swire Properties, Green Monday and HKBN in a pledge in action to integrate purpose in business. The platform continues to build momentum in Hong Kong’s business community through four pillars: Advocacy, Award, Academy and Advisory and redefine sustainability for the next decade.

Meet our speakers:

Dream Impact

Dream Impact is Hong Kong’s largest network of social enterprises and impact ventures, building and growing Hong Kong’s impact ecosystem. We are the impact community where empathetic, ambitious and action-driven individuals, businesses and community partners come together to scale and deepen social impact through their work, advocacy, bridging of resources and strategic partnerships.

Meet our speakers:

Federation of Hong Kong Industries

Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) was established in 1960 to promote and foster the interests of Hong Kong’s industrial and business communities. Representing manufacturing and associated businesses from 32 industry groups, FHKI brings together like-minded entrepreneurs to spearhead the advancement of Hong Kong’s industry. Through policy advocacy, professional business support services and cross-sector collaboration, FHKI strives to build a dynamic industrial ecosystem to take forward transformation and re-industrialisation of Hong Kong’s economy, sparkling new business opportunities and charting diverse paths for the younger generation.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

The ESG Committee was established in November 2021 with the aims to strengthen participation of the industry in achieving Hong Kong’s target in reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 and support industrial members in putting ESG in practice through capacity building, knowledge exchange and cultivating industrial ESG talents.

Meet our speakers:

Global Institute for Tomorrow

GIFT is an independent pan-Asian think tank. We are committed to purposeful leadership learning, and partnering with our clients to help them unlearn conventional wisdom and unleash organisational potential to redesign society. Our practical insights, internationally acclaimed leadership learning curriculum, outcome driven facilitation and advisory practice help our clients anticipate and navigate a turbulent 21st century in key areas of sustainable development, social and environmental impact, sustainability, and policymaking. GIFT is rooted in the realities of a global Asia, with offices in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. We are dedicated to advancing a deeper understanding of today’s most critical drivers of change – from the emergence of a post-Western world to the reshaping of global capitalism and the dynamic relationship between business, society, and the state.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  1. Move ESG beyond reporting, and reframe narratives to enable meaningful and sustained transformation, working with clients to embed ESG principles into all aspects of the business, from products and services to employees and the supply chain.
  2. Support companies in rethinking business models to embrace the true ethos of “sustainability”, elevating sustainability conversations beyond environmental management & short-term business goals and towards long-term societal sustainability.
  3. Scale up the accessibility of sustainability education and facilitate disruptive learning that empowers individuals and organisations with insights to redesign society through our new EdTech platform, GIFT.ed.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

GIFT’s annual Hong Kong Young Leaders Programme (HKYLP) is a public consultation platform that convenes young professionals from the Business, Government and Civil society sectors to address Hong Kong’s pertinent complex societal challenges. Through the programme, participants meet with stakeholders and experts to gain cross-sector insights to develop innovative policy solutions for the betterment of Hong Kong. Since its inaugural programme in 2015, we have developed many policy recommendations and best practices for sustainable development, such as our 2021 Redefining “Smart City” for Resilience in the New Normal, investigating how to develop Hong Kong into a smart city that builds resilience and improves quality of life for all. The report includes policy recommendations across key focus areas which serve as important references and impetus for change amongst policymakers, industry players and civil society leaders.

For our upcoming 2022 HKYLP programme, we will be investigating the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy. A major urban development projected to become Hong Kong’s primary growth engine, and at the same time aspires to showcase how a modern city should be designed to embrace sustainability and resilience. The HKYLP engages participants in developing policy recommendations to enable the Northern Metropolis to become a liveable and resilient city. Beyond housing and infrastructure development, the cohort will be invited to also examine a range of other issues, which includes creating employment opportunities for citizens, balancing development with conservation, ensuring a high quality of life for its residents, recreation and community engagement in public spaces, and meeting Hong Kong’s long term policy objectives such as its 2050 decarbonisation goals.

Meet our speakers:

Golin Limited

Golin is a global public relations agency helping companies create change that matters, redefining the role of PR with best-in-class, data driven creative that has earned worldwide attention and awards. We’re proud to be ReThink HK’s Content Partner for 2022’s Sustainable Communities Theatre, with a focus on Rethinking Customers & Communications.

Meet our speakers:

Green Monday Group

With the vision to “Make Change Happen, Make Green Common”, Green Monday aims to build an innovative global ecosystem of future food and ESG best-practice to combat climate change, food insecurity, public health, planetary devastation and animal suffering.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

1. To build a sustainable global food ecosystem to set on tackling climate change, food insecurity and public health crises.

2. To build ESG best-practice and unify businesses towards a sustainable future through plant-based solutions.

3. To foster a worldwide platform of climate-friendly and healthy food products.


Meet our speakers:

Hong Kong Green Building Council

Booth H12

The Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) strives to promote the standard and development of sustainable buildings in Hong Kong by engaging the government, the industry and the public. The HKGBC also aims to develop practical solutions for Hong Kong’s unique, subtropical built environment of high-rise, high density urban area, leading Hong Kong to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and to become a world’s exemplar of green building development.


Meet our speakers:

Hong Kong 2050 is Now

Booth H10

In 2019, Civic Exchange (CE) convened HK2050isNow, a flagship initiative aiming to inspire ambition and mobilise action for Hong Kong to transition towards carbon neutrality by 2050. HK2050isNow combines climate research and climate action under one umbrella, with an intention to fast-track collective efforts and communicate that ambitious action can generate positive opportunities for the economy and for the liveability of Hong Kong.

Meet our speakers:

Rooftop Republic Co. Limited

Booth E60

Rooftop Republic envisions a future of sustainable cities powered by urban farming. Towards greater climate and city resilience and enhance urban liveability, we build and manage urban farms to transform city spaces into vibrant sources of nutritious food, and engage and empower communities to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  • Enhance city resilience by decarbonising buildings with circular food hubs through urban farming and diverting kitchen waste from landfill.
  • Achieve responsible consumption by activating city dwellers as the element of change.
  • Increase urban liveability through improving community wellbeing and food security through urban farming.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

Rooftop Republic Urban Farming envisions a future of sustainable cities addressing urban liveability and city resilience powered by urban farming.

Through our Urban Farming as a Service solution, we build and manage urban farms to transform under-utilised areas into vibrant natural spaces, create sources of nutritious organic food, and engage and empower communities towards greater climate and urban resilience.

Since our establishment in 2015, our team has transformed more than 80,000 square feet of idling urban spaces into 80 productive urban farms on commercial office buildings, residential properties, shopping malls, schools, restaurants and more.

The clients and partners we work with include real estate companies, corporates, F&Bs, hotels, schools and individuals. Our clients include Sun Hung Kai Properties, Swire Properties, Sino Group, Cathay Pacific, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, local and international schools and more.

We are made up of a multidisciplinary team, with each team member bringing their unique expertise in areas such as urban planning, engineering, agronomy, sustainability, horticultural therapy, permaculture, composting, project management, and agricultural-based educational programmes.

We have been featured in local and worldwide publications including the Financial Times, BBC, The New Yorker, SCMP and Monocle. Rooftop Republic has been recognised by the Hong Kong SAR Government with “The Outstanding Social Enterprise (Meritorious) Award” and “Outstanding Innovation Award” at the Social Enterprise Awards 2017, and is an awardee of the DBS Social Enterprise Grant 2018, 2020 as well as the Special Award For Small Enterprises and Start-ups Winner of the 2021 Hong Kong Management Association Quality Award.

Legal Name: Rooftop Republic Co. Limited

General Enquiry Email Address: hello@rooftoprepublic.com

Meet our speakers:

School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong

Established in July 2009 as the first dedicated school of its kind in Hong Kong, City University’s School of Energy and Environment (SEE) aspires to be a leading school in Asia to foster an interdisciplinary approach in developing sustainable energy and environmental technologies, with a special focus on megacities like Hong Kong and its neighbouring regions.

SEE also stands for sustainability, energy, and environment. Aligning with CityU’s research theme of Smart Cities and One Health, the School focuses on three main strategic areas : Sustainable Technologies for Energy, Environment and Health; Urban Atmospheric and Aquatic Environment : science and policies; and Systems Approach to Smart and Healthy Cities : Nexus of Energy, Climate, and Environment. Our interdisciplinary efforts capitalize on our faculty’s special expertise in climate change and air pollution, building and energy efficiency, innovative environmental treatment processes, waste to energy, renewable energy, power management, and sustainability policies and economics.

Our research achievements underpin the education we offer to our students. Our goal is to nurture a new generation of energy professionals who take an interdisciplinary and holistic view of climate change mitigation and emissions reduction in finding innovative solutions to produce clean energy and sustainable development.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  1. Advancing research in targeted themes of benefit to societal needs in energy, environment, and sustainability
  2. Preparing leaders and practitioners to address environmental and energy needs in a rapidly decarbonizing world and build a sustainable future
  3. Maintaining a collaborative and supportive atmosphere for students, faculty, alumni and other stakeholders in advancing our interdisciplinary research and educational objectives

Meet our speakers:

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong (SVIHK) is a non-profit organisation driving the purpose-led business movement in Hong Kong and China. We are funded by leading companies to accelerate shared value creation by establishing long-lasting and profitable business models while addressing unmet societal needs. Our dedicated programmes and vivid ecosystem bring unlikely partnerships that simultaneously create economic and social value.

Meet our speakers:

WHub is Hong Kong’s largest startup ecosystem accelerator; unleashing Startups full potential by connecting them to the resources they need.

Being at the heart of the tech and innovation ecosystem, fostering its growth over the decade, positions WHub with a superior network and understanding to design the most innovative programs fostering win-win solutions.

WHub excels in curating and executing unique – personalised programs, convening the rich ecosystem to create tangible, impactful and sustainable results.

Meet our speakers:

Strategic Media Partner

EDigest 經濟一週

Booth G71

EDigest, one of Hong Kong’ leading financial platforms, has always stayed close to the global finance market, providing instant, accurate and precise insights on finance news.

We recognise the importance of sustainable development and strive to build a strategy network for ESG companies and entrepreneurs, sharing insight, best practices on ESG and working together to protect the earth.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

We will launch a dedicated ESG program《集合吧!ESG前進艦隊》to create and achieve a more sustainable future together with the society. The program will feature companies and leaders on their experiences, learnings and insights in incorporating ESG in their business, and also cover the latest news and policy in sustainable development.

Meet our speakers:

Knowledge Partner

MAKE Studios

MAKE is a strategic experience design company. We elevate and differentiate the customer experience of products, services, and brands. Since 2015, our ‘Design for Impact’ program has connected social enterprises and NGO’s with community networks and corporate clients for social innovation and change. Our approach combines Systems Thinking with Human-centred Design and Behavioural Design to create a ‘zoom in–zoom out’ lens to better understand our clients’ services and experience within both macro and micro contexts. Over the years, we have helped our partners surface untapped opportunities, and empower both teams and stakeholders to co-create meaningful social impact, amplify brand value and awareness.

Meet our speakers:

The DO Asia

The DO combines a lifelong learning institution and an advisory firm. With offices in Hong Kong, Berlin and New York we help organisations to empower their employees and activate the firm to change with speed. We are a platform that builds empowerment programs and ecosystems around the big challenges of our time. To be the DO is to drive positive change – change that’s good for business and society.

In 2020, Club Wheelock and The DO joined hands to provide Hong Kong with an inspiring and unique experience – a community and innovation hub – WLAB. WLAB brings together the brains, methodology and diverse tools for innovation and co-creation of Club Wheelock and The DO. WLAB’s mission is to co-create a happier and healthier Hong Kong.

Communications Partner

Paradigm Consulting Limited

Paradigm Consulting is a fast-growing independent communications consultancy specialising in strategic communications, content, media relations and research. We encourage employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance and have found a shared passion for the social and environmental impact of our work. This led to the creation of Sustainable Paradigm, our pro bono and ESG communications services.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  • To continue supporting the sustainable growth ambitions of our clients through effective communications.

Our  initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

Paradigm has been helping international and local companies in Hong Kong engage their target audiences, while satisfying public and government appetite for sustainable business. We understand that clients, investors, regulators, employees and other stakeholders are increasingly paying attention to ESG. It is important to ensure an organisation’s communications reflect its key messages in this area. If an organisation does not have a solid ESG communications plan or clear metrics, it can run a risk of having its reputation damaged.


Supporting Organisations

ACCA Hong Kong

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global professional body for professional accountants. We’re a thriving global community of 241,000 members and 542,000 future members based in 178 countries and regions, who work across a wide range of sectors and industries. We uphold the highest professional and ethical values.


The Austrian Trade Commission in Hong Kong is an office of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, the Foreign Trade Organisation of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna.

Since the establishment of the Hong Kong office in 1961, Austrian Trade Commissioners have been exploring business opportunities and providing services to Austrian companies in the region. Reflecting Hong Kong’s role as an entrepot and trade hub, the Trade Commission’s geographical catchment area has always extended beyond the territory. Today, it covers the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

AIESEC Hong Kong Limited

Boasting a presence in 120+ countries and territories and 4000+ tertiary institutions worldwide, AIESEC is the world’s largest non-political, not-for-profit youth-run organization that strives to develop leadership in youth.

Believing that youth leadership is the fundamental solution to unlock a better future, every year we engage more than 50,000 youths for leadership development through cross-cultural exchanges and management opportunities.

Asia Society Hong Kong Center

Asia Society Hong Kong Center (ASHK), established in 1990 by a group of local community leaders as an affiliate of Asia Society, is an independent non-governmental educational organization with the mission to navigate shared futures for Asia and the world in the fields of arts and culture, business and policy.



Association of Metaverse

Association of Metaverse (AoM) advocates and assists in constructing a metaverse world in which everyone can participate. At the same time, we actively deepen cooperation from all walks of life, creates and explore the ESG possibilities between real and virtual worlds, and provide various types of industry information and training.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

2021 is known as the first year of the Metaverse. Across Environment, Social, Governance and other fields, the companies, brands and celebrities are participating in the next wave of innovation. However, with the rapid growth of the new technology, there has been a lot of non-compliance and even fraud occurred in the market. In order to maintain the development order of the industry, the Association of Metaverse (AoM) was established by a group of professionals to build a healthy and sustainable Metaverse.


AustroCham serves as a networking platform for the Austrian community and its interests in Hong Kong & Macau and, in particular, to create, advance and promote relations among Austria, Hong Kong & Macau.


BloombergNEF (BNEF) is a strategic research provider covering global commodity markets and the disruptive technologies driving the transition to a low-carbon economy. Our expert coverage assesses pathways for the power, transport, industry, buildings and agriculture sectors to adapt to the energy transition. We help commodity trading, corporate strategy, finance and policy professionals navigate change and generate opportunities.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

Bloomberg LP Commits to Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2025. The pledge underscores Bloomberg’s long-standing commitment to sustainability and climate action and complements the company’s existing RE100 target to reach 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Meet our speakers:

Business Sweden

Business Sweden is jointly owned by the Swedish state and the Swedish business sector with a mandate and a mission to help international companies gain access to the Swedish market and help domestic ones utilize it as a platform for expansion. Business Sweden plays an important role in promoting green transition, sustainable growth, and responsible business practices.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

The long-term goal of our sustainability work is to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in the 2030 Agenda, the implementation of the Paris Agreement and to Sweden’s green transition to net-zero emissions by 2045. For more information, please visit: https://www.business-sweden.com/about-us/sustainability/

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

Since 2020, Business Sweden in Hong Kong has been organizing a platform with the aims to contribute to a more sustainable Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, by knowledge-sharing, connecting stakeholders and facilitating further discussions between Swedish and local stakeholders. Through this platform, we have been participating and organizing different forms of activities (e.g. exhibitions, webinars, match-making sessions) to promote Sweden, introduce and connect Swedish solution providers with local stakeholders. We welcome stakeholders from Hong Kong who are interested in finding sustainable city solutions that fit the needs of the local context.

Community Business

Community Business is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to lead, inspire and support businesses to make positive impacts on people and communities. A recognised leader in advancing responsible and inclusive business practices in Asia, we work with companies from diverse industries, harnessing the power of business to drive social change.

Consulate General of Belgium

Consulate General of Finland in HK & Macao

Finland ranks as the world’s leading country in sustainable development. One of the secrets to Finland’s success in advancing sustainability has been the participatory approach. We need to build a sustainable world together. Finland is generating sustainable solutions for various industries and sectors of life.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  1. The Consulate General of Finland in Hong Kong and Macao wants be a leader discussions to find solutions for sustainability and actively share and showcase what has been done in Finland. We are also eager to learn from others.
  2. The Consulate-General also aims to lead by example by continuously striving to make its own internal practices more sustainable. This year our focus is on: reducing energy consumption through renovation of the air-conditioning system, and continuing to improve consumption and recycling habits in order to reduce the use of plastic and food waste.

Consulate General of Hungary

The Consulate General of Hungary is the diplomatic mission of Hungary in Hong Kong and Macao, comprehensively representing the country including but not limited to consular matters, policy, economic, trade, cultural and science and technology areas. In accordance with rising global awareness, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important aspect of international cooperation for us.

Hungary is responding to climate change with its first (2008) and second (2018) National Climate Change Strategy and its subordinate Action Plans, such as the National Energy Strategy 2030, the National Energy and Climate Plan, the National Clean Development Strategy. Hungary’s transformation is supported by several subsets of policies as well. As a Member State of the European Union, Hungary’s climate policies are in line with those of the EU. Hungary is a party to the Paris Climate Accord.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  1. Increasing our advocacy of sustainability
  2. Introducing Hungary’s efforts to contribute to a sustainable future
  3. Introducing Hungarian homegrown solutions that fit the local context of Hong Kong
  4. Learning and exchange with other stakeholders



Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong

Italy is an international leader in the green economy and a society with one of the most sustainable ecosystems in the world. The Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong supports partnerships between public and private players in a wide range of green sectors, with a view to building a carbon‑neutral Hong Kong by 2050.

CUHK EMBA Alumni Association

Our mission is to enrich our alumni’ post-studies lives by providing best-in-class initiatives to foster lifelong learning and development, to stimulate intergenerational connection & collaboration and to create social impact beyond just doing good in business.


Danish Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong

The Danish Chamber of Commerce (DCC) provides a forum for all business which relates to Denmark, or Danish related companies. Thus the focus is on the relations with Denmark and is not specific to the nationalities of individuals. DCC’s objective is to identify, examine and discuss matters of common interest affecting economic, industrial and commercial issues and objectives as well as health and educational matters.

Drink Without Waste

The Drink Without Waste initiative is led by the Single-Use Beverage Packaging Working Group, a coalition of beverage manufacturers and importers, waste handlers and recyclers, institutions, retailers and NGOs in Hong Kong. The Working Group seeks to reduce the volume of used beverage packaging going to waste by 70 to 90%. For more information, please visit https://drinkwithoutwaste.org/

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

Drink Without Waste fully supports the Environmental Protection Department and an effective Producer Responsibility Scheme which minimizes the impact on consumer choice, cost and convenience. To protect the environment effectively, we advocate to:

1. Cover all packaging materials

2. Starting with a lower rebate

3. Build a collection network designed for Hong Kong

4. Operate the scheme via a professional and not-for-profit platform

Meet our speakers:

Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1991, is an independent international business association, representing Dutch or Dutch-related companies of all sizes and individuals that have a stake in developing trade in, with, or through Hong Kong. It is a member-driven, not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation of business people, and sustains itself through membership subscriptions, advertisements and events.

The Chamber has over 170 companies as member ranging from global market leading multinationals, SMEs and startups.


Enactus Hong Kong

Enactus Hong Kong is a student-led charity that promotes social innovation through managing 12 chapters in local universities. We organise the annual Hong Kong Regional Competition of the Enactus World Cup, as well as various training sessions, workshops and mentorship programmes to guide students along their way in idealising and materialising a social enterprise idea. We also collaborate with various corporate partners, NGOs and social enterprises in organising hackathons and case competitions to hone students’ social awareness and business mindset.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

We are currently organizing various youth-led initiatives to empower university students in Hong Kong. Global Social Innovation Summit (GSIS) is an annual summit that allows students across the globe to tackle issues as a 24-hour hackathon coupled with keynote speech and panel discussion from industry leaders. Our Social Business Mentorship Programme connects undergraduates with nonprofit/social impact professional in the city and allows students to interact with their mentors in small groups to give them an insider’s insight into the sector. Lastly, our Social Business Internship Programme connects undergraduates with 20+ organizations to offer hands on working experience and training workshops to students passionate and eager to learn more about ESG, corporate responsibility and the nonprofit industry.

Meet our speakers:

European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

EuroCham is a non-governmental business interest group. The EuroCham is a ‘Chamber of Chambers’ with its membership comprising of 14 European Chambers based in Hong Kong and 1 in Macau.

Our key objectives are to:

  • Provide a European forum to exchange information, discuss common challenges businesses are facing, and publish position papers to put forward our recommendations
  • Promote commercial, industrial, financial, scientific, and other economic exchange between Europe, Hong Kong, Macau, and the Greater Bay Area
  • Host functions that allow members to network with stakeholders from Europe, Hong Kong, Macau, and the Greater Bay Area, including hosting of officials from the European Union (EU)

EuroCham regognises the key relevance of sustainable development and facilitates the dialogue by organising green events and forums (see EU: The Green Way) and through its Business Councils (European Council for Sustainable Development and Sustainable Fonance Working Group).


Meet our speakers:

European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao

Booth E50-2

The Office of the European Union to Hong Kong and Macao, based in Hong Kong, is one of the 144 EU Delegations and Offices around the world. Its role is to promote the interests of the EU and to build ever closer ties between the EU and Hong Kong, and between the EU and Macao.

General Enquiry Email Address: delegation-hong-kong@eeas.europa.eu

General Enquiry Phone Number: 2537 6083

Legal Name: Eighty20 Marketing Limited

Meet our speakers:

Family Office Association Hong Kong (FOAHK)

Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong connects Finnish companies, and companies with close ties to Finland, through business networking, knowledge sharing and market visibility. We want to focus and drive sustainable development together with Finnish innovation and technologies, connect and collaborate.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  1. Match Finnish sustainable industry solutions internationally
  2. Drive common sustainability impact in the region
  3. Organise relevant and inspiring sustainability events for our members

Flanders Investment & Trade

Flanders Investment & Trade is the trade and investment promotion agency of region of Flanders in Belgium, and the key point of contact for international business in Flanders. We help companies in Flanders to export and internationalize, so that they can grow; we convince companies from around the world to invest and expand their business in Flanders.

French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong

The French Chamber in Hong Kong is the essential platform to grow your business. We help companies set up and expand in Hong Kong while driving closer engagement between the French, international, and local business communities.

Among our sustainability-focused events and initiatives, our Business for Good series puts the spotlight on today’s top sustainability issues and helps to drive the discourse towards a more purpose-led way of doing business.

Connect with us and find out more about how we can help take your business to the next level.

German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong (GCC) today is one of the largest membership organisations among the European national chambers in Hong Kong. GCC serves as a catalyst, promoter and facilitator of members’ interests in Hong Kong and the region. GCC in partnership with German Industry and Commerce Ltd. offers a wide range of services for its members, including regular events, exclusive committees, and tailored marketing opportunities, as well as represents members through important international government and business committees.

Global Shapers Community Hong Kong Hub

Born out of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is a network of inspiring young people under the age of 30 working together to address local, regional and global challenges. With more than 10,000 members, the Global Shapers Community spans 457 city-based hubs in 148 countries.

With 10 different nationalities represented, the Hong Kong hub is diverse and comprised of 30 young leaders passionate about making both local and regional impact.

Through various hub supporting projects, the Hong Kong hub also contributes to initiatives on entrepreneurship, smart cities, mental health and more in the capacity of mentors, speakers and organizers. We are proud to have hosted the first Greater China Retreat for hubs in the region, promoting collaboration and exchange across hubs on governance, projects and impact.

Green Council

Established in 2000, Green Council is a Hong Kong-based non-profit environmental organisation with charity status (Ref. No.: 91/6063), and an accredited certification body under The Hong Kong Certification Body Accreditation Scheme (Reg. No.: HKCAS-027). We offer various services and initiatives in the certification, corporate and community areas to elevate the environmental performances of stakeholders across sectors.

Meet our speakers:

Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Industry Association (HKECIA)

The Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association (HKECIA) was established in 1990 to promote Hong Kong as a world-class exhibition and conference destination and the trade fair capital of Asia Pacific. It works to represent the interests of all members involved in the exhibition and convention industries, and provides a unified voice in dealing with the government, legislative and statutory bodies, the media and public organisations, on all matters associate with the role of the exhibition and convention industry in Hong Kong’s economy.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:
The HKECIA strives to make our industry more sustainable and has recently renamed the “Operations Sub-Committee” to “Sustainability & Operations Sub-Committee”. This new committee will be tasked with identifying and measuring initiatives which target the reduction of waste and the reusing of materials in booth construction. The HKECIA is aiming within the next year to have an “HKECIA Sustainable Charter” which the Association will invite its members to sign as part of their commitment to being an agent for positive change.

Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

As the oldest and largest business association in Hong Kong, the Chamber has been at the forefront of advocating for issues that matter to the general and business communities. That includes pioneering the creation of an Environment and Sustainability Committee in the late 80s, the first of its kind among peers. Since then, the Chamber has been engaged in raising awareness on and championing sustainable business practices based on market-driven principles.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

A Sustainable Finance Working Group was established by the Chamber in late 2021 to engage with and provide input to the The Green and Sustainable Finance Cross-Agency Steering Group, which comprises financial regulators and government agencies that hold the portfolios for financial services and the environment. The Steering Group was set up in May 2020 to “coordinate the management of climate and environmental risks to the financial sector, accelerate the growth of green and sustainable finance in Hong Kong and support the Government’s climate strategies.”

Hong Kong Green Finance Association

Founded in September 2018, Hong Kong Green Finance Association (HKGFA) creates a platform that offers channels and opportunities to facilitate the development of green finance and sustainable investments in Hong Kong and beyond. HKGFA’s main goal is to position Hong Kong as a leading international green finance hub by providing greater access and opportunities for Hong Kong’s financial institutions to participate in green financing transactions locally, in Mainland China and in markets along the Belt & Road. This is in line with the global trend of implementing the UN sustainable development goals and the Paris Agreement.

Meet our speakers:

Hong Kong PropTech Association

The Hong Kong PropTech Association (HKPTA) is an independent, not-for-profit organization representing Hong Kong’s PropTech community. The Association aims to build a collaborative ecosystem of real estate technology stakeholders from property developers and technology companies to investors and startups by creating awareness, employment, education, advocacy, and investment opportunities around PropTech. We are dedicated to fostering communication, driving innovation agenda within the property industry, and encouraging technology-enabled solutions to improve our lives, businesses, cities, and the environment.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

Directly addressing economic, environmental and social issues matter to us and our community. The association is committed to advocating for and integrating the adoption of sustainable strategies that follow the recommendations of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), in particular SDGs #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13. Above all, we are committed to the well being and the greater good of the Hong Kong community.

Meet our speakers:

Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency

As a non-profit public organisation established by the Hong Kong Government in 1989, HKQAA is committed to providing professional services to support enterprises and society to address future challenges and foster sustainable development. These services are in the areas of social responsibility, environmental protection, climate risk management, carbon neutrality, green and sustainable finance. Through knowledge sharing and technology transfer, HKQAA also helps enterprises enhance management performance and competitiveness.

Hong Kong Retail Management Association

The Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) was founded in 1983 by a group of visionary retailers with a long-term mission to promote Hong Kong’s retail industry and to present a unified voice on issues that affect all retailers.

HKRMA has been playing a vital role in representing the trade, and raising the status and professionalism of retailing through awards, education and training.

Hong Kong Tourism Board

The Hong Kong Tourism Board established Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong (MEHK) to continue strengthening the city’s position as the world’s meeting place for meetings, incentive trips, conventions, and exhibitions in Asia-Pacific.

ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP)

IETP is a specialist responsible sourcing program, known for its robust Supplier Certification, remote Social Impact & Environmental Assessment, wide range of capability-building programs, and scalable worker wellbeing initiatives. We support businesses to measure and achieve their ESG objectives, mitigate labor risks and realize a safe and ethical workplace for workers.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

IETP is committed to fostering industry collaboration to create impacts, increase efficiency and reduce costs, as a result, create better lives for workers. In 2022, we aim to:

  • Create a quick & cost-effective solution for business to gain oversight of the environmental impacts of their operation & those of their suppliers. By launching an Environmental Assessment for suppliers in any industry, it would cover a broad range of environmental areas and can be used as a stand-alone program or integrated into a Buyer’s existing Environmental initiative.
  • Engage more businesses to take action in the areas of wellbeing and decent work. We aim to collaborate with different stakeholders to showcase our multi-beneficial Family-friendly Spaces Program. These free factory-based childcare facilities are proven to enhance children’s development, improve parenting skills, increase parental earnings & promote employment.
  • Develop a Gender Equality Program targeting the needs in the factories. The program plans to introduce the concept of gender equality and its importance, improve suppliers’ understanding of relevant laws & regulations, and tips to integrate Gender Equality into their operations.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

IETP works with brands, retailers, vendors, and manufacturing businesses in Hong Kong to access, monitor, and improve social and environmental sustainability in their global supply chain. We help them identify gaps & root causes, share expertise to formulate solutions and offer workers wellbeing initiatives to build a satisfied & productive workforce.

Our initiatives support UN Global Compact’s principles and engage businesses to advance the Global Goals collectively, they cover the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption:

  • Supplier (Social) Certification
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Worker Well-being Programs
  • IETP Worker Helpline (Grievance Mechanism)
  • Capacity Building Program
  • Responsible Sourcing Platform
  • Supply Chain Analytics

Institute of Shopping Centre Management

The Institute of Shopping Centre Management (ISCM) is a non-profit making organization founded by a group of local shopping centre professionals, certified practitioners and professors in the shopping centre management industry. As a professional society and a recognized governing body in Hong Kong, ISCM aims to standardize and enrich the overall professional profiles within the industry and act as a representative in the shopping centre industry.

Institution of Civil Engineers, Hong Kong

Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is one of the world’s most respected professional engineering associations. Established in 1818, it has 95,000 members across the globe. ICE’s vision is to place civil engineering at the heart of society, delivering sustainable development through knowledge, skills and professional expertise.

Meet our speakers:

Lever Foundation

Lever Foundation is a global NGO based in the United States and operating across Asia. Lever Foundation works with leading food companies in Hong Kong and across the region to help them upgrade their protein sourcing for a more humane, safe and sustainable supply chain, with a focus on cage-free eggs and alternative protein.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  1. Help ensure the products being sourced by leading food companies are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way (SDG 12)
  2. Help promote food safety and welfare of animals (SDG 3, SDG 15)
  3. Help promote sustainable alternatives of meat (SDG 2, SDG 3, SDG 13)

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

We engage and partner with many leading local and global companies to assist them with their transitioning to using cage-free eggs and alternative proteins (such as plant-based meat and cell-based meat).

New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (NZCCHK) was founded on 4 January 1982 to promote the New Zealand economic presence in Hong Kong. Since then the continued increases in capital and trade flows between New Zealand, Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China have been factors in the Chamber’s activities.

Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in HK

We are a platform for Norwegian companies in Hong Kong or representatives of local companies which have links to or take an interest in Norway. As a platform for companies and professionals in Hong Kong. NorCham actively hosts webinars and events related to our members’ topics of interest, including sustainability.

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong

Since its expansion in 2005, the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong (OPCFHK) has allocated over $98.62 million to fund 536 research projects on cetaceans, giant pandas and many other species. We are committed to advocating, facilitating and participating in effective conservation of Asian wildlife, with an emphasis on Chinese white dolphins and giant pandas as well as their habitats. This will be achieved through partnerships, fundraising, research and education.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

We are committed to advocating, facilitating and participating in effective conservation of Asian wildlife, with an emphasis on Chinese white dolphins and giant pandas as well as their habitats by:

1. Asian Research Funding Projects

2.Marine Life Stranding Response Programme

3. Conservation Education

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

OPCFHK involves various local conservation works. e.g. local marine life stranding investigation, wild monkeys contraceptive programme, seahorse survey and tagging project, etc. We believe by supporting these project can accelerate a sustainable future to our next generation.

SME Sustainability Society

To effect a path- breaking paradigm Shift among SMEs toward CSR and business sustainability in the Greater China Region

1. Advocate CSR as a progressive management model for SMEs to achieve business sustainability

2. Promote innovative CSR practices among SMEs for the benefits of economic, social and environmental sustainability

3. Upgrade the business sustainability literacy and professionalize sustainability management among SMEs

4. Cultivate elitist SMEs business sustainability leadership

5. Facilitate executive knowledge sharing on CSR and sustainability management among SMEs


Meet our speakers:

Solar Impulse Foundation

Bertrand Piccard, with the Solar Impulse Foundation, have identified 1000+ Solutions that protect the environment in a financially profitable way and will present them to decision-makers in order to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral economy.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is a global, multi-stakeholder alliance to empower textile and clothing organizations to understand how to improve the impact of their products. Of its 280+ members, about 45% represent brands and retailers of all sizes, about 30% represent manufacturers, and about 25% represent affiliate organizations including fellow non-profits, academic institutions, and trade/industry associations.


Sustainable Finance Initiative

SFi is a community of private investors who believe in Capital that Matters. Our mission is to mobilise private capital for positive impact

We empower family offices, private investors and financial services professionals with the knowledge and expertise to invest for purpose and profit

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  • Expand the discourse and knowledge around impact investing and sustainable finance skills
  • Supporting impact start-ups and funds gain access to private capital
  • Build a diverse and active impact community

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

Since 2018, Sustainable Finance Initiative has been dedicated to helping family offices and private investors embark on their sustainable finance journeys. Now, in 2022 we are proud to announce the launch of our new platform, New Impact Society, dedicated to helping finance professionals on important career upskilling- sustainable finance training.

What is New Impact Society (NIS)?

An impact education platform for financial professionals to level up and take action! We offer education, inspiration and career focused networks for sustainable finance professionals.

Meet our speakers:

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong promotes Swedish business in Hong Kong. We build networks among corporations of all sizes within Hong Kong and Sweden. Our organization operates by four Swedish values; Open, Caring, Innovative, and Sustainable. With Swedish companies globally being identified as sustainable, it comes natural for us to support and drive the sustainable development, change, and impact in Hong Kong.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong

We have a dedicated sustainability committee, consisting of company leaders and individual members, working actively with sustainable development and how it can affect Hong Kong by e.g. releasing regular position papers on key matters.

In the position paper from October 2020, we covered Swedish companies ability to facilitate and support a green recovery in Hong Kong with specific policy advice regarding: Energy Transition and Decarbonization, Transportation, Recycling and Waste Management, Plastic Waste, the Financial Sector and the Tourism Sector.

This year, a new position paper will be released on the fact that sustainable development should be given top priority in Hong Kong. The paper’s four focus areas are Business and Government Collaboration, Rapid Decarbonization, Green Buildings and Green Transition of Hong Kong’s Food System.

Furthermore, through a strategic partnership with the Consulate General of Sweden and the Business Environment Council (BEC), the sustainability committee co-hosted a seminar called “Pioneering the green transition”. Among other things, industry leaders shared insights into how Sweden has worked to create concrete roadmaps for their green transition in 22 different industry sectors and how it relates to Hong Kong’s latest Climate Action Plan. Looking ahead, another seminar is scheduled together with BEC for June 17.

The Alliance for Sustainable Schools

The Alliance for Sustainable Schools (TASS) is a network of schools working together to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable future through our shared commitment to the principles and pledges of the Sustainable Schools Charter.

As a community of practice, The Alliance connects, aligns and amplifies the efforts and know-how of sustainability practitioners including students in schools around the region.

We leverage our collective influence and partner with innovators to catalyze systems change in four key areas: sustainable school food, sustainable school buses, sustainable school uniforms and sustainable school buildings.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  • To have 100 school principals sign the Sustainable Schools Charter and become members of TASS.
  • To raise the profile of sustainability in schools throughout APAC and the middle east.
  • To further develop programs to catalyse systems change in the sustainability of the following services to schools – school buildings, school buses, school uniforms and school food.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

TASS is working with partners to develop and pilot innovative programs that are focussed on systemic change in the sustainability of services provided to schools. For example –

  1. On the issue of school uniform waste, last year TASS partnered with Retykle to pilot a trading platform for second hand school uniforms that aims to increase 10x the sales of second hand school uniforms.
  2. On food, TASS also worked with students at Kellett to lobby Sodexo (their school food provider) to provide more sustainable school food in the canteen.
  3. On school buses, TASS is working with ASB Biodiesel and the Clean Air Network to lobby school bus companies to use biodiesel made from waste – a nearly zero carbon fuel, or to start using electric school buses on some routes (like Shenzhen does).
  4. On school buildings, this year we plan to start working with HK GBC and leading architects and school building committees to significantly reduce the carbon footprint (operating and embodied) of new school buildings.

Meet our speakers:

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The British Chamber of Commerce is one of Hong Kong’s largest and most active international business organisations representing a broad span of British, Hong Kong and international companies doing business in, with, or through Hong Kong.

The Chamber’s aim is to help our members grow their business, and promote and represent their business interests, by providing representation and advocacy; networking and brand exposure; as well as information and insight.

While a number of our member companies do business with Britain, or have British operations, companies do not have to be British to join the Chamber. We have a large number of Hong Kong, Chinese and international companies within our membership.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong provides an extensive networking platform for members with business interests in Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the broader Asia-Pacific region. With over 1,900 members, they are one of the largest Canadian business organizations outside of Canada. The Chamber alongside their Sustainable Development Committee has been actively promoting sustainable social, environmental and economic development in the Hong Kong community since 1997.

The Consulate General of Sweden in Hong Kong and Macau

Booth A60

The Consulate General of Sweden is the official representation of Sweden in Hong Kong and Macau. The Consulate General promotes Sweden and Swedish interests, as well as cooperation, trade and exchanges between Sweden and Hong Kong and Sweden and Macau. It also provides consular services and support to Swedish citizens.

Meet our speakers:

The Greek Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

We are the Hong Kong – Greece synergy. The Greek Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong contributes to the economic and cultural relations between Hong Kong and Greece by promoting, encouraging and facilitating economic, business, cultural and educational exchanges.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  1. Reduce inequality in the working space & in society
  2. Spur economic growth between Asia & Europe
  3. Promote environmentally-friendly solutions
  4. Foster innovation

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

  1. Promote gender equality and women empowerment
  2. Connect regional & international businesses with government authorities, business counterparts, suppliers etc.
  3. Support sustainable cities/communities & encourage responsible consumption/ production
  4. Increase access to financial services and markets & support technology development

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The HKUST Sustainability/Net-Zero Office is committed to supporting HKUST in creating a more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable campus to support the university’s goals and priorities. Our vision is for HKUST to become a global leader by transforming our campus into a net-zero carbon, zero waste, and positive impact living laboratory for experiential learning and research within a vibrant and engaged community.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  1. The HKUST 2028 Sustainability Challenge aligns with the university’s Strategic Plan and incorporates core elements in sustainability education, living lab, building our community, in addition to progress and performance.
  2. We also focus on accelerating our campus transition to a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050
  3. Implementing the Sustainable Smart Campus initiative that can maximize our use of the campus as a living lab.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

We also focus on actions and educational strategies to prepare students to meet the challenges of a carbon-constrained world through the development of resources to build sustainability-related skills and competencies. We are hosting the program office of Hong Kong Jockey Club Responsible Consumer program that is launched across all 8 Universities in Hong Kong to ensure student engagement is consistent with the learning pedagogies and priorities.

The Irish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

The Irish Chamber of Commerce is the connection point for the Irish business community in Hong Kong. The Chamber aims serve members by delivering initiatives and events of value. With the rising importance of sustainability in business, the Chamber has formed a sustainability committee and continues to deliver events surrounding the topic.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao

The Italian Chamber of Commerce is committed to fostering closer bilateral ties between Italy, Hong Kong and Macao.

The Chamber serves as a common platform for members to interact with each other – attend networking events, receive assistance, and maximize opportunities to gain exposure and establish new business connections.

The Nature Conservancy

Booth NGO-6

The Nature Conservancy is a global conservation organization dedicated to conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends. We work in Hong Kong to invest in nature-based solutions while empowering its urban population to address critical environmental challenges. Leveraging our data-backed science and global expertise, we aim to improve the local ecological, economic and social values of Hong Kong’s natural resources.

Meet our speakers:

Media Partners

BCI Central Ltd

Established in 1998, BCI Central was founded to create efficiencies and enhance transparency in the intrinsically complex construction industry. Our software solutions and related services achieve this while simultaneously enabling our clients to identify sales opportunities, make informed decisions and connect with key target markets.

Economist Impact

Economist Events is now Economist Impact, empowering businesses, governments and foundations to catalyse change and enable progress. Uniting the expertise The Economist Group is known for under a single brand, Economist Impact brings together policy research and insights, data visualisation, custom storytelling, events and media.

Economist Impact combines the rigour of a think tank with the creativity of a media brand, engaging an influential audience in the areas of sustainability, healthcare and new globalisation.

Meet our speakers:

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International is the world’s leading provider for global business intelligence, market analysis and consumer insights. From local to global and tactical to strategic, our research solutions support decisions on how, where and when to grow your business. Find the right report, database or custom solution to validate priorities, redirect assumptions and uncover new opportunities. With offices around the world, analysts in over 100 countries, the latest data science techniques and market research on every key trend and driver, we help you make sense of global markets.

Meet our speakers:

Generation T Asia

Gen.T is a community and media platform for the Leaders of Tomorrow shaping Asia’s future. We discover, support and catalyse the impact of the region’s most promising young entrepreneurs. Our products range from newsletters and podcasts to curated event experiences, and focus on ideas, issues and trends around four key themes: entrepreneurship, leadership, social impact and sustainability.


Meet our speakers:

Green Queen Media

Founded by serial social entrepreneur and eco activist Sonalie Figueiras in 2011, Green Queen is an award-winning impact media platform advocating for social & environmental change and the leading source of alternative protein & plant-based news globally. Our mission is to shift consumer behaviour through inspiring & empowering original content across the region and beyond.

Meet our speakers:

Harbour Times

Harbour Times is a publication that aims to elevate the local media scene by working with, rather than just cover, new developments in Hong Kong’s social fabric. We’re always looking to collaborate with people who have cool ideas — especially in culture, technology, and sustainability. Together, we can elevate the city.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

Sustainability is on the forefront of technological and cultural development in HK. We want to network and promote entrepreneurs and start-ups that add something to Hong Kong while also making a more sustainable world for all.


Illuminem is the leading source of sustainability news and the compass to guide the world into a collaboratively green vision, offering the most effective, updated and comprehensive access to energy & sustainability information. In a world where information is key, we act to transform each of our readers into leaders creating a more sustainable tomorrow.

Jumpstart Media

Jumpstart is an Innovation as a Service company that connects and supports Asia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through 4 main business divisions – media/events, corporate partnerships, youth outreach and venture engagements. We run accelerators (some of our teams are developing sustainable products/tech), lead youth innovation education in Hong Kong, and our online media site is one of the most visited innovation-focused sites in Hong Kong(We have many articles about sustainable development and social and environmental impact).

PRC Magazine

Published by ROF MEDIA, PRC (Pacific Rim Construction) Magazine is Asia Pacific’s leading business publication related to the construction, green building, design and architecture. PRC Magazine is large, bi-monthly and bi-lingual (English & Simplified Chinese) and is distributed to professional people in relative industries, such as: Property Developers, Realtors, Hotel & Resort managers, Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Contractors, Government and more. The On-line reading platform, available since 2012, has generated over 174,000 readers all over the world.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  • Create more e-magazine to gain more online readers

Techstars Startup Digest Energy & Clean Tech

Techstars Startup Digest brings you the best in startup events and resources. Curated by us. For you.

The Energy & Clean Tech Digest focuses on providing bitesize news and information for all things sustainability related, globally.


The Wall Street Journal

NGO Partners

Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation

Booth NGO – 4

Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation (FTHK) is a Fairtrade Marketing Organisation under Fairtrade International whose headquarters is located in Bonn, Germany. FTHK promotes Fair Trade and nurtures global citizenship through educational efforts, public awareness events and corporate engagement programmes. We aim to unite the actions of our stakeholders to a movement that helps address inequality as well as social and environmental justice.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  • Expand social services programmes to achieve SDG11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities) with innovative projects. These projects aim to foster creative applications of Fair Trade concepts and products to advocate poverty eradication and gender equality (SDGs 1 & 5)
  • Advocate Fair Trade as a globally connected ethical consumption movement to promote SDGs 12 & 17 (Responsible Consumption & Production, and Partnerships for the Goals) by connecting with Fair Trade partners across the globe, with the emphasis on this year’s Fairtrade theme of combating climate change (SDG 13)
  • Provide quality and inclusive educational experiences to nurture global citizenship and sustainability concepts

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

To accelerate sustainable development in Hong Kong through Fair Trade, we organise the following programmes, in addition to regular advocacy programmes (Fair Trade product scope expansion, corporation and school engagements).

With the funding from the Environmental and Conservation Fund, we develop local tour routes with community development and sustainability in mind, probing for a deeper understanding of the land we live in and ways through which we can develop sustainably.

In May 2022, we are going to host Fair Trade Fiesta to publicise the Fair Trade movement in Hong Kong. Through the symposium, seminar, and producer’s storytelling, we will engage representatives of the Fair Trade movement from overseas. We wish the Fiesta to provide members of the Hong Kong community with opportunities to deepen their understanding of the role of Fair Trade in facilitating sustainable development across the world, eventually taking action to support Fair Trade movement in Hong Kong.

Currently, we are developing several initiatives benefitting local communities:

  • The first initiative targets underprivileged women. Our programme will offer training and work opportunities to the women, aiming to produce new Fair Trade recipes through creative workshops.
  • Another initiative is to develop sustainability-themed education programmes across education levels to instil students with Fair Trade and sustainability concepts. We wish to nurture the students to be global citizens.
  • The last initiative is Fair Trade Tourism and Fair Trade Hotels in town. This aims at changing the practices of one of Hong Kong’s business pillars by taking tourism as a Fair Trade and sustainable communities education to the public .

Feeding Hong Kong

Booth NGO-12

Feeding Hong Kong is a local charity that links food companies with surplus stocks to charities with need. Each day, we collect high quality food that would otherwise be thrown away, sort and store it, then redistribute it to welfare organisations across the city, who feed people in need.

Friends of the Earth (HK)

Booth NGO – 9

Friends of the Earth (HK) launched the first Green Finance Roadmap of its kind in the APAC region in 2019. One of our key focus would be on building capacity for industry practitioners and general public towards green finance, and hence our events are centered around “Green Finance Connect Education Series”. Examples include Sustainability Leadership Seminars, our Green Finance Symposium on ESG integration. We aim to work with all sectors of the community to build a sustainable society and environment.


Meet our speakers:

Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

Booth NGO – 10

Habitat for Humanity is an international NGO with a vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. We have been serving the Hong Kong community since 2004, providing home repairs, renovations and deep cleaning services to low-income elderly families and people with disabilities. #ThroughShelterWeEmpower

ImpactHK Limited

Booth NGO – 11

ImpactHK works with people experiencing homelessness to help them settle in a safe home, restore their mental and physical wellbeing, build their self-esteem, increase their social capital and discover their purpose.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

  1. Ending homelessness
  2. Improve mental and physical well being of people experiencing homelessness
  3. Provide training and job opportunities to service users
  4. Sample store (social enterprise): give a new home for clothes going to landfill while we provide meaningful, stable work for people who are homeless

Resolve Foundation

Booth NGO – 2

Resolve empowers future community leaders to bring about inclusive social change. Our Social Justice Fellowship brings 20 emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds together every year to create a diverse and inclusive Hong Kong. We prioritize people from marginalized groups in the society so that they could create ripple effects within their communities.

Meet our speakers:

Soap Cycling

Booth NGO – 3

Soap Cycling is a nonprofit organization that works with the hospitality industry to collect, process, and distribute lightly used soap bars and bottled amenities. These life-saving items are then distributed to disadvantaged communities around the world, particularly Asia. Our vision is to inspire the next generation to reach their full potential in leading the way to a more sustainable future.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

Cleaner environment

Researching and creating lasting and scalable waste solutions for soap and other waste products in the hospitality industry to remove waste from landfills

More empowerment

Creating opportunities for minority, elderly and youth through dignified employment and experiential learning

Better hygiene, saving lives

Distributing soap for free to improve sanitation and hygiene of disadvantaged communities


The Green Earth

Booth NGO-5

The Green Earth is a charitable organization established locally with an aim to drive Hong Kong into a healthy and green city by motivating the government, businesses and individuals to contribute their efforts towards a truly sustainable mode of development, through policy advocacy, corporate partnership and green civic education.

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