How do Spare-it Waste Challenges work?

Spare-it Challenges are a series of new initiatives launched by leading companies worldwide to collectively reduce the amount of waste generated in an office space.

A United Nations-led report shows that the construction and operation of buildings accounted for 37% of global energy-related CO2 emissions in 2020.

Many building owners and their tenants agree that:

-The waste generated by building users needs to be reduced.
-The quantity and quality of recycling can be improved.
-You can only change what you measure.
-Together, we can make more impact.

The Spare-it Waste Challenges are a combination of Smart Technology, Waste Management, and Employee Engagement, and the goals are to reduce waste and improve recycling collectively.

How does it work?|
Spare-it deploys its connected scales and live display screens in the participating challenge areas. To better evaluate progress, the scales first measure a baseline of the waste generated before the kick-off of the challenge. After the initial baseline, Spare-it tracks the daily amount of waste produced in each working space and for each stream.

Once the challenge is launched in your office, you will participate in the collective challenge to reduce waste. The live data will be displayed on the screens and compared to the baseline reference measured before the kick-off to track the progress. A competition could be launched with another floor or company: best diversion, lowest waste per employee, lowest contamination.

Along with the live measurement of the different waste streams, Spare-it will propose educational signage, sustainable tips, and more about various topics to help improve sorting, increase recycling, and reduce waste.

Spare-it will provide recommendations for a more sustainable environment and will support any initiative launched by your green team that will contribute to waste reduction.

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