Mission: “simply clean consciously and sustainably.“

Cleaning is something one must do in every offices, every building, anywhere you can imagine. With thousands of chemicals, natural or harsh, involved during cleaning process, what can we re-think about our cleaning procedures?

We know for sure the best miracle we can look for is a zero-chemical method in cleaning. However, we might not be able to apply zero-chemical method in every situation. Some even complaints eco-friendly cleaning chemicals are not doing the cleaning job properly and ended up returning to traditional chemicals.

With buckets and bottles of chemicals transported around the world, what can we re-think to reduce carbon footprint through choosing cleaning chemicals? Ecolabel cleaning tablets!

Cleaning tablet solution reduces logistic costs and co2footprint in transport, as it is the highest concentrated product type with no water involved. It can be easily diluted for a ready to use solution which is the easiest for customer and staff to apply and process. It cuts in production and as a solution the Co2footprint (whole production process until stocking) by up to 75 % and the plastic packaging waste compared to a 1L concentrated bottle by up to 94 % with an easy to use refill system.

With 34+ years of specialist experience in professional cleaning, Kleen Purgatis offers highly effective sustainable cleaning solutions.

If everyone commits selecting effective greener choices, the positive change towards environment will be huge. Small things count and add up to huge figures, just we need more people to get onboard with us.

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