Sustainable Business: Why is positive impact so hard to achieve?

Look at almost any industry, there’s a clear consensus amongst leading companies: transitioning towards sustainable business models and value propositions is no longer a matter of “if” or even “when”, it’s all about “how” and “how fast”.

Effective roadmaps for this change require clear, strong alignment across an organisation: middle and top managers, teams, support services….How do you prepare your teams for incoming changes, maintain the momentum? Why does it feel so hard to manifest the efforts needed to bring about positive impact?

At PALO IT we’ve set both business and operational goals which put us at the front line of these questions, so I thought I’d share with you some of our findings:

When you examine impact, you’re adopting a systemic point of view: you’re accepting to look at a problem from a broader, comprehensive standpoint. When developing something new, or proposing changes, you must be willing to consider the potential side effects that come with this change. The level of agency you have on these effects will vary, but you need to acknowledge these side effects regardless.

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