Consulate General of Hungary

The Consulate General of Hungary is the diplomatic mission of Hungary in Hong Kong and Macao, comprehensively representing the country including but not limited to consular matters, policy, economic, trade, cultural and science and technology areas. In accordance with rising global awareness, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important aspect of international cooperation for us.

Hungary is responding to climate change with its first (2008) and second (2018) National Climate Change Strategy and its subordinate Action Plans, such as the National Energy Strategy 2030, the National Energy and Climate Plan, the National Clean Development Strategy. Hungary’s transformation is supported by several subsets of policies as well. As a Member State of the European Union, Hungary’s climate policies are in line with those of the EU. Hungary is a party to the Paris Climate Accord.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  1. Increasing our advocacy of sustainability
  2. Introducing Hungary’s efforts to contribute to a sustainable future
  3. Introducing Hungarian homegrown solutions that fit the local context of Hong Kong
  4. Learning and exchange with other stakeholders