Megasoft Limited

As a world leader in IoT / RFID technologies, Myndar provides luxury retailers with a new touchpoint experience. With a formidable team of R & D expertise, we empower retailers to engage customers with their brands by providing an exquisite journey through the use of RFID-enabled displays. These displays transform customer behaviour and buying preferences into useful big data, which finally lead to an outcome of actionable insights.

Our sustainability goals for 2023:

  • Improve the transparency of drug disposal methods and enhance the traceability of both unused and used drugs

Solutions Showcase:

  • Technology & Innovation
  • Waste Reduction & Recycling Management

UN SDG goals that we align with:

  • SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Legal Name: Megasoft Limited

General Enquiry Email Address:

General Enquiry Phone Number: 39994333