RWDI is a global leader in environmental engineering and sustainability, with a history spanning almost 50 years, and 27 offices in eight countries. The company helps create high-performance buildings that are efficient, sustainable, comfortable, and resilient. With an office in Hong Kong, RWDI has completed more than 140 projects in the area.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

RWDI is committed to upholding and strengthening all dimensions of sustainability — social, economic
and environmental — in our work on behalf of clients and our own operations. Our sustainability goals for 2021 include:
• Diversifying RWDI’s business to generate stronger sustainable financial results
• Striving to have a minimal impact on the environment through our projects and community engagement
• Showing clients how to optimize their site and building; cut water and energy use; improve overall efficiency and sustainability; analyze building functions and processes; and nurture organizational cultures where sustainability becomes standard practice.

Solutions Showcase:

  • Engineering & Infrastructure
  • Professional Services
  • Sustainability Services

Legal Name: RWDI