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2022 Opening Panel at Keynote Theatre

2023 Conference

8 Theatres / 160+ Sessions / 500+ Speakers

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ReThink HK provides insight and inspiration for driving sustainable development across globally recognised risk and opportunity topics, from a Hong Kong context.

Conference Diversity

ReThink HK believes in spreading the knowledge of leaders and experts across the many areas of sustainable business. We believe that greater understanding, collaboration and change are better facilitated by a variety of perspectives, and our goal is to create an inclusive, respectful conference environment that invites participation from people of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, and sexual orientation.

ReThink HK is committed to striving for no ‘manels’ (no all-male panels) and works closely with all those contributing to the programme to ensure a full spectrum of perspectives, opinions and experiences are represented across the programme.

2023 Conference Theatres & Programme Overviews

Day 1: Thursday 14 Sep 2023

Opening Welcome & Keynote Address

Keynote Address from Mr Tse Chin-wan, Secretary for Environment and Ecology, BBS, JP, HKSAR

Hong Kong’s Net-Zero Pathway: Coming Together for Our Decisive Decade

The Scope 3 Challenge: Accelerating Value Chain Decarbonisation

The Just Transition Opportunity: Redefining Business Leadership and Value for the Good of All

Prioritising the G: Climate Accountability in the Boardroom

Business for Biodiversity

Fireside Chat: The Biodiversity Crisis, A Business Crisis

Hong Kong’s Economic Fabric as a Conduit for Biodiversity Protection

The Case for Biodiversity Risk Disclosures

Operationalising and Accounting for Biodiversity in Business

Day 2: Friday 15 Sep 2023

Our Net Zero, Climate Resilient Future: Aligning Public-Private Ambition and Action

Aligning Hong Kong businesses with government policies/initiatives on:

Hong Kong and Beyond: A Shared Vision for Our Planet

Aligning Hong Kong businesses with regional and global ambitions

Our edge in sustainable finance

Sustainability reporting and ISSB

A new engagement format for ReThink HK. ReThink Roundtables are being designed to provide delegates with the opportunity to contribute to ideation and discussion sessions.

Facilitated sessions with subject experts will create an opportunity for sharing ideas, facilitating collaboration, encouraging outcome focussed dialogue and recommendations.

Day 1: Thursday 14 Sep 2023

Rethinking Workplaces
(Programme details coming soon!)

Rethinking Fashion & Apparel
(Programme details coming soon!)

Day 2: Friday 15 Sep 2023

Rethinking Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
(Programme details coming soon!)

Rethinking Food & Hospitality
(Programme details coming soon!)

Rethinking Plastics & Packaging
(Programme details coming soon!)

Day 1: Thursday 14 Sep 2023

Zero Waste in Action: Rethinking Value Chains

This programme aims to highlight the plethora of proven and developing innovations to reduce, redesign, recover and recycle, as well as why and how new investments and the circularity mindset are crucial to the scale-up of solutions, business acumen, and talent acquisition and retention.

How should public-private partnerships be capitalized to help solve Hong Kong’s escalating waste crisis and significant impacts on our land resources as well as the environment? What organisational and infrastructural challenges remain, and how should businesses engage suppliers and customers on their waste-reduction journey?

Day 2: Friday 15 Sep 2023

Zero Waste in Action: Rethinking Retail

(Hosted in Cantonese with English simultaneous interpretation)

The pandemic has brought on unforeseen changes in the retail industry. In the past three years we have seen changes in consumer behaviour, where they have become increasingly demanding with the ease of purchasing and preferring to interact with brands that care for people and the environment. While the industry has been able to quickly adapt with sustainable solutions and changes in distribution channels, the fragility and complexity of our supply chains have also been brought to the fore. Could this bring on overlooked business opportunities and mitigate risk for organisations?

Day 1: Thursday 14 Sep 2023

HK2050isNow Energy & Mobility Summit

The HK2050isNow Energy and Mobility Summit will highlight low carbon transition strategies and technologies driving Hong Kong’s decarbonisation efforts, and how an alignment of the Northern Metropolis and GBA offers opportunities for a systemic, future-proof transition. It will unpack trends and insights on evolving energy portfolios and pertinent upstream and downstream challenges, as well as the dynamics between innovation, cybersecurity and resiliency in our low carbon energy and mobility ecosystem.

Day 2: Friday 15 Sep 2023

GreenTech Summit
(Programme details coming soon!)

Day 1: Thursday 14 Sep 2023

Rethinking Shared Value

Rethinking Shared Value is an interactive learning experience brought to you by Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong. In this track, participants will build knowledge of shared value across different sectors, challenging traditional notions of value.  We will explore the importance of building shared value understanding beyond the private sector, and show how partnership and collaboration across private, public and civil sectors underpin shared value success.

Rethinking Workforce Transformation

In today’s business world, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has power far beyond buzzwords. In addition to being the right thing to do from a moral perspective, there is also a compelling business case for launching DEI programmes in our workplace.

Key discussions in Rethinking Workforce Transformation will address DEI as a business and communication strategy, and why creating a culture of respect and belonging in which all employees feel empowered to contribute their best will only serve to benefit our organisations in the long term.

Day 2: Friday 15 Sep 2023

Rethinking Marketing & Communications

The communicator’s function is rapidly changing. Marketers, PR practitioners, advertisers and media today have a unique chance to influence behaviour change as well as create and implement successful sustainability strategies as the climate crisis and global warming worsen and social inequity rises.

Rethinking Marketing & Communications is designed to challenge what sustainability means to communicators in line with the changing values of today’s consumers, workforce and emerging key stakeholders in Hong Kong and Asia.

Rethinking Communities & Culture

The three years of the pandemic have triggered changes in various aspects of community diversity in Hong Kong. It has revealed shifting behavioural patterns of the young but also the areas lacking in substantial support in a seemingly ageing society. What could this mean for businesses setting to continue to drive meaningful engagement and create impact for significant transformation?

Day 1: Thursday 14 Sep 2023

Rethinking Built Spaces

In Hong Kong, buildings and related activities account for about 90% of our electricity usage and 60% of our carbon emissions. In view of the city’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050, as set out by the Government in its Climate Action Plan 2050, the industry is now gearing up its decarbonisation capabilities in the whole building life cycle – from design, construction, operation to retrofitting.

Rethinking Built Spaces is designed to highlight the vision and experiences behind exemplar cases and award-winning projects, covering commercial spaces; neighbourhoods and residential spaces; as well as campuses and public buildings, with a view to expediting the net-zero transition and a climate-resilient future for Hong Kong.  

Day 2: Friday 15 Sep 2023

Rethinking Facilities Management

The lifting of COVID restrictions in Hong Kong is drawing increasing attention to our relationship with and time spent in commercial, residential, community and public spaces. Companies have since started bringing into conversation how business strategies and practices should be redefined for more environment and social-oriented initiatives, as well as the integration of innovation to enable more tech-efficient use of space. Get inspired on what this could mean for your business and our sustainability transition for the long term.

Day 1: Thursday 14 Sep 2023

Rethinking Finance

Hong Kong’s transition towards a low-carbon and climate-resilient future will require the mobilization of large amounts of funding from public and private sectors.

Rethinking Finance will look into Hong Kong’s rapid expansion of sustainable finance deals, the growing practice of taking ESG into investment considerations, as well as how SMEs, asset owners and multinational corporations can access new breeds of green financing in the city’s efforts to capitalize on its strengths and accelerate its emergence as a green finance hub for the region.

Day 2: Friday 15 Sep 2023

Rethinking Supply Chains

Businesses are stepping up to scrutinize suppliers’ sustainability responsibilities, alongside the development of technology for more credible and timely data collection. It has become imperative for companies to respond to changing stakeholder demands, and innovate to address systemic risks, reduce waste, enhance transparency and improve resilience across entire value chains.

Rethinking Supply Chains will share leading practices in the integration of sustainability into supply chains and procurement processes, expectations for enhanced traceability and control, supplier financing, and tools and quality data for setting and achieving science-based targets.

Day 1: Thursday 14 Sep 2023

Social Innovators of Tomorrow

There is a tremendous desire among our young people to leverage their talents and work with businesses to design and scale creative solutions to social issues. How can we best translate this passion into innovations for a positive impact in Hong Kong?

The Social Innovators of Tomorrow programme will engage budding social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to discuss the imperative of sustainability within the context of inclusive business models, inherent business opportunities for social impact, as well as the alignment of career and skillset development within this emerging space.

Day 2: Friday 15 Sep 2023

Green Leaders of Tomorrow

As the transition to sustainable business models and strategies takes centre stage, it is imperative to ensure the next generation of decision makers is empowered with the appropriate knowledge and skillset to take up the baton.

The Green Leaders of Tomorrow programme is being designed to facilitate a two-way exchange and engagement between young professionals and business leaders. How should sustainability education be imparted in Hong Kong? How are different industries working to fill the green talent gap? How can we create space to bring young people on board, and also help realise their potential as changemakers for a sustainable future?

The 160+ sessions for ReThink HK 2023 will be curated and hosted concurrently on eight theatres/stages plus a series of deep-dive workshops. The programme is designed as a dynamic content matrix structured by topic, industry and job function for corporates, enterprise businesses and SMEs.

ReThink HK is city’s most comprehensive forum for discussing how businesses can “build back better” by mitigating against climate change, investing in technology, using resources sustainably and reducing inequality.

Through shared responsibility, collective change and a pivot in the way organisations measure success, we are taking a moonshot here – encouraging businesses to embrace innovation, work together, respect and protect our waterways and biodiversity and commit to improving the lives of all.

Our ambition is significant, but so is the challenge ahead for our city and our planet.