The safety and wellbeing of all event attendees at ReThink HK is our utmost priority and the event team are in constant contact and dialogue with the venue team to ensure that all mandatory and best-practice preventative measures are in place.

This page will be updated regularly as and when restrictions and/or guidelines change.

Strict Access Control

Temperature check is required for:
– All venue staff members
– Contract workers at contractor entrances
– All visitors entering HKCEC (this means all event attendees for ReThink HK)

All persons with high temperature and/or displace respiratory symptoms will be denied entry.

Anyone without a face mask will be denied entry. Surgical masks are recommended by the venue.

Anyone wearing a Quarantine Order wristband will be denied entry to the HKCEC and restaurants. The venue’s security staff will report contraventions to the Police.

Customer Care

– Enhanced venue ventilation has been put in place
– All frontline members are required to wear face masks
– Automatic hand sanitiser spray dispensers are available at guest lift lobbies, Customer Service Counters and restaurants.
– Special rubbish bins for disposal of used face masks
– Isolation room for handling sick persons during the event period will be set up. The rooms are equipped with a sofa, face masks, sanitizing hand gel, tissue and rubbish bins with lid
– Isolation Room for ReThink HK will be in HKCEC Phase 1: Room G406 (Level 4)

Cleaning in the Public Circulation Area

– Anti virus Nano Titanium Photocatalyst Coating and antimicrobial surface protectant NDF Bio75 have been
applied throughout the event venue and public facilities
– Floor mats are placed at all HKCEC main entrances, sprayed with diluted bleach every 2 hours
– Sterilize escalator handrails and door handles with medical alcohol/ diluted bleach every 1 hour
– Clean lift panels with disinfectant cleaner every 1 hour
– More frequent emptying and cleaning of garbage bins

Cleaning in the Exhibition Hall

– Clean tables and chairs with diluted bleach twice a day
– All restrooms are assigned with an attendant during the event to conduct ongoing cleaning and disinfecting work
– Deep cleaning on the move-in night & daily cleaning after show
– Clear rubbish and spray the cage with diluted bleach
– Vacuum all hall aisles
– Wash all hall aisles with disinfectant cleaner
– Thorough cleaning of all restrooms

Requirements to comply with Government Regulations under CAP599F

Working Staff
Organiser Staff, Temporary Staff, Official Contractors, Outside Contractors, Offical Forwarders/Shippers, Vendors and Showcase Exhibitor Staff (including NGO Lounge and Shared Pavilion Staff)

In order for venue access to be granted for Set-up (04th October) and/or Event Days (05th and/or 06th October) all Working Staff must either:

Obtain a COVID-19 RT PCR Test Negative Result (only by Combined Nasal and Throat Swabs) between 23rd September and 29th September (inclusive)


Have completed a full vaccination course (2 jabs) no later than Sunday 19th September

A negative test result or vaccination record of all working staff to be submitted to the organiser no later than 12:00 on Thursday 30th September.
– Records will be kept for 31 days
– Further details are available in the Event Set-up Guide.

Delegates and conference speakers

In order for your event access pass/name badge to be issued all Visitors must either:

Scan the Event’s LeaveHomeSafe QR Code upon arrival at L3 Foyer/Registration Area


Register your personal details (name, contact number, date and time of arrival) using an e-form.
– Your name must match that of your event registration (in English)
– Please arrive early
– Records will be kept for 31 days

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