【Building a zero E-waste Hong Kong】

Electrical appliances contain hazardous components that are harmful to the environment and human health if not properly treated or disposed of. They also contain valuable resources taken from the Earth that should not be wasted. If this case, who should we give our unwanted electrical appliances to?

Appointed by the Environmental Protection Department, ALBA IWS is a trusted company that provides E-waste recycling service to Hong Kong. Since October 2018 they have recycled over 3 million pieces of E-waste which include air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, printers, scanners and monitors.

All the collected items will be treated in the recycling facility, WEEE · PARK, which was accredited with BEAM Plus Final Gold rating by the Hong Kong Green Building Council. There ALBA IWS utilise ISO accredited state-of-the-art technology to transform E-waste into raw materials for remanufacture. Their recycling work ensures that resources are fully utilized before disposal. By properly treating these 3 million items, they have saved over 210,000 tonnes of carbon emission (equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by over 9 million trees annually).

Every individual, organization and company can play a part in shaping a cleaner and greener Hong Kong. Please step up and recycle your E-waste properly.

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