【S+ Summit cum Expo】2–3 May @ HKCEC

The HKCSS, serving as a prominent intermediary in Hong Kong’s philanthropic landscape, maintains strong connections with over 510 agency members from the social welfare sector, more than 4,000 caring companies, 700 social enterprises, and stakeholders from the public, private, academic, and professional sectors. We have been at the forefront of impactful projects addressing critical social needs such as social housing and gerontechnology. Through these initiatives, we are committed to advancing sustainability, which serves as the central theme of the upcoming 【S+ Summit cum Expo】.

In addition to the symposium, a large-scale exhibition will take place, showcasing the solutions provided by approximately 140 social welfare organisations, social enterprises, and impact businesses, all aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework. By bringing together stakeholders from diverse sectors, we aim to foster robust partnerships and collectively build a sustainable society that benefits all.

Let’s join forces and collaborate in co-creating a sustainable society. Enrol now https://splus.hkcss.org.hk/en/summit/registration

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