A Good Start for Promoting Circular Economy in Hong Kong

Circular Economy (Hong Kong) participated in the ReThink Hong Kong 2021, which was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, on October 5-6. During the event we were glad to see that people in different industries and professions are getting more interest in our consulting and training services for implementing circular business models to organizations of their own or their clients.

Other than being an exhibitor we also provided a workshop which allowed participants to experience the steps needed to revise business models by applying the principles of circular economy. Besides my personal business, our company also helped Asia Circular Economy Association (ACEA) to connect to different stakeholders and help relate circular economy to other popular topics such as climate change, sustainability and ESG.

For another workshop ACEA invited Lynn Johannson, forerunner with global presence explored a methodology that can guide organizations to accelerate effective management and leadership actions through the “Are You Climate Ready” enablers. It involves personal behaviour change, deploying EMS (environmental management systems) to TCFD recommendations, understanding dynamics in bringing temperature down, devising purpose-fit strategy from project drawdown solutions, learning and applying in pods.

In summary we are very pleased with the result of this event and our company has already reserved a space for next year.

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