A Hub for Sustainable Office Solutions

The Green Office Project was created to help Hong Kong companies reduce their environmental impact. The initiative by Banyan Workspace, recognised as Hong Kong’s most sustainable Coworking and Events venue, provides a one-stop-shop for creating an eco-friendly office.

Education and engagement are at the forefront of their services, offering clients a range of solutions to transform their teams from the inside out. Interactive and collaborative workshops with a focus on sustainability, climate change, and ESG coupled with bespoke internal communication tools can help teams and management shift their mindsets and company values and inspire change in and outside of the workplace.

The Green Office Project also offers waste management solutions, from the installation of separated recycling bins to waste pickup. There is also the option to connect clients with data-driven insights about their waste generation, providing consistent motivation and encouraging the practice of mindful consumption.

Green procurement is an additional pillar, offering a consciously-curated selection of office supplies, including ethical pantry favourites, eco-hygiene products and sustainable stationery. All items have been tried-and-tested at Banyan with careful attention paid to social and environmental impact, effectiveness, quality and cost.

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