Agrivert in Hong Kong

O·PARK2 is currently being constructed near Sha Ling on 2.5 hectares and is one of the world’s most significant investments for an anaerobic digestion (AD) food waste treatment facility. This Facility will receive and recycle 300 tonnes of food waste daily and produce heat, electricity, and soil-enhancing fertiliser. Once finished, O·PARK2 will operate 24/7 and be available for waste deliveries 7-days a week.

O·PARK2 will be energy independent, powered by Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units using the biogas produced from the recycled food waste after the anaerobic digestion process. These CHP units will generate heat for process use and electricity to power the Facility. In addition, the Facility has been designed for maximum energy efficiency, resulting in surplus electricity generation, which will be exported to the public electricity grid to power Hong Kong homes and businesses.

As a by-product of the AD process, the residue will be converted into a solid granulate fertiliser that can be used for landscaping and agricultural application to improve soil nutrition.

Agrivert is looking to partner with Hong Kong-based companies to help deliver sustainable environmental solutions to the Hong Kong Government and its people.

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