The auto-sorting bin is able to manage the whole recycling process, from waste recognition to sorting, compaction, fill-level control and logistics optimization. With complete automation, there is no need to refer to the operational manual. Just enjoy the whole experience of hassle-free recycling from end-to-end. Its features include:

Smart waste recognition

Powered by AI and image processing, the bin can instantly recognize an inserted item and autonomously place the item in the correct containers for plastic, paper, metal or glass items. Users do not need to pre-sort recycled items, and the bin can achieve 92% of sorting precision.

Hands-free operation for better hygiene

Hands-free operation is enabled as the bin’s flap opens automatically when it senses a user is nearby.

Waste management optimization

The IoT sensor monitoring the fill level will activate the bin’s compactor when the content reaches the pre-set level, so that the bin’s capacity can be expanded. Real-time data of each bin is monitored on the cloud platform to execute analytics that help to optimize waste collection and generate different types of reports.

Easy management with app

The bin’s app shows the fill level and the status of the device in real time. Notification will be sent to the facility management automatically when the bin is full.

Ideal for any indoor environment

Place the bin at railway stations, offices, commercial buildings, residential buildings, schools and other public facilities to encourage the public to recycle for sustainability.


• Auto opening of flap for hands-free operation

• AI-based waste recognition

• Automatic sorting

• Plastic and paper compression

• Fill-level control

• Data processing on cloud

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