Avalon SteriTech – Your trusted partner in creating a sustainable and safe environment for traveling, working, and living

COVID-19 taught us that it is critical for public places and companies to develop long-term public health and infection control policies. As infectious diseases continue to evolve, prevention is vital.

Avalon SteriTech is a public health and infection control solution expert with a vision to create a safer world. Our high-quality disinfection robotics and solutions have been met with the public’s confidence and trust, leading us to be chosen by public transit systems, airlines, and malls. Our parent company began researching infectious diseases over a decade ago, from prevention, infection control, and diagnosis to treatment. In addition, our partnerships span various sectors (e.g. SoftBank Robotics, MicroSafe, MTR, SGS) and academic institutions (PolyU) as we innovate together for technological advancement.

As we know that typical cleaning practices aren’t sufficient to protect public health anymore, we’ve put continuous efforts into R&D, from robotics and chemical solutions to engineering, to tackle unknown diseases promptly. Recently, we’ve introduced a new disinfectant – Nanocyn – listed in EPA List Q and proven effective against Monkeypox. Furthermore, we offer consultation, customized standard operation procedures (SOP), designs, and technical training to assist firms in developing public health and infection control plans that best suit their needs.

We also aspire to deliver sustainable healthcare solutions that minimize environmental impacts. To strike a balance between biocidal efficacy and responsible use of chemicals, we program disinfection doses and protocols based on different environmental needs, enabling our clients to reduce their chemical footprint in the long run. In addition, our flagship disinfection product, Whiz Gambit, allows delay time setting and spray duration with its mobile app, thus increasing disinfection efficiency and reducing cleaners’ exposure to viruses.

Avalon SteriTech is committed to building a sustainable and safe environment for all by offering next-generation cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization technology infrastructure for public spaces.

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