BritCham event: Communicating ESG – Treading a Thin Green Line

As eco-consciousness becomes mainstream, sustainability is high on the agenda of most corporates, so have marketing and communication strategies designed to show how companies are talking to their stakeholders on how they are doing good for the planet.

Whilst communicating ESG is crucial for businesses, it has been increasingly challenging for them to do so for fear that they would draw accusations of exaggerating their environmentally friendly credentials – which led to the emergence of ‘green hushing’ in recent years, where businesses silence their sustainability efforts due to a fear of backlash, or the lack of confidence that they will meet their goals.

During the panel discussion, the speakers will discuss the tightrope on which companies are seeking a balance in their sustainability communications, in the face of increasing scrutiny by the public, NGOs, media and authorities, and the best practices for corporates to communicate ESG effectively and legitimately to the market. The discussion will round off with speakers asked to give their ‘Top Tip’ when it comes to sustainability communications.

Haily Chan, Manager, Sustainable Development, John Swire & Sons (HK)
Hermen Chow, Account Director, SEC Newgate
Robin Kennish, Senior Partner, Environmental Resources Management
Serene Seah-Tan, Partner, Audit Quality & Professional Practice, Hong Kong, KPMG

Vivian Lines, Executive Director, Paradigm Consulting

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