Bupa to kick off Be Brave Now campaign for the World Mental Health Day

Mental health is a critical part of Bupa’s purpose to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world.

At Bupa, we believe that we need to keep talking about mental health. It is the only way to break the stigma. Everyone’s journey is unique, but mental health is something we all share.

Bupa takes positive steps forward to support people in the Hong Kong community of all ages. Sadly, research shows over 50% of Hong Kong secondary students have symptoms of depression and almost 40% don’t know where to go for mental health support. To tackle this unmet community need, we’re working with our partners such as KELY Support Group to bring engaging, accessible mental health programmes for young people.  To date, we’ve introduced events, social media campaigns, toolkits and games, which are all designed to help young people talk about how they feel and learn new ways to manage their stress.

We also joined hands with Mental Health Association of Hong Kong (MHAHK) in 2021, to establish the Bupa’s MindCare Company Recognition Scheme.  This award recognises organisations to lead, promote and support the transformation of community mental healthcare; create an inclusive and friendly workplace health environment; motivate companies to care about employees’ mental as well as physical health in the area of “Corporate Wellness”, and commend the businesses that demonstrate genuine care for their employees.

To celebrate the World Mental Health Day 2022 (10 October), Bupa will be launching “Be Brave Now” campaign with a series of activities to break sigma around mental health, including a kick-off event with Coolminds. Please stay tuned to more update.

Coolminds is a joint initiative between two mental health community specialists Mind HK and KELY Support Group. It aims to promote mental health awareness, support and understanding in Hong Kong’s youth.

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