Climate Action in Asia: Reflections from the WEF “Summer Davos” Summit

I had the opportunity to participate virtually in several sessions at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Summer Davos” conference in Tianjin as a member of the WEF Expert Network. One of the sessions I found particularly interesting was titled “How to stay within planetary boundaries – carrot or stick?”
All the panelists agreed that combining market incentives (carrots) with regulations (sticks) was the best approach.

In addition to this broader discussion, I wanted to highlight three further points that piqued my interest while thinking about how to address the climate crisis in Asia, including 1) the failure of current metrics to capture a complete picture, 2) how to bring SMEs along, and 3) the importance of climate finance and climate justice.

Fundamentally, it is important that we consider the region’s unique economic, political, and social dynamics and its high degree of heterogeneity when tailoring responses.

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