Collaboration to achieve Circular Economy in Textile Industry

Collaboration is one of the major elements needed to make circular economy solutions and business models successful. Circular economy is much more than just recycling. It includes new business models, such as furniture as a service, and new products, like bioplastic. It involves new ways to consider an item’s life cycle, like building a product that is long-lasting and repairable.

Finland has a history of developing circular solutions, even before the phrase “circular economy” was common. Finland has technical know-how in circular solutions and is one of the world leaders in being awarded relevant patents. Many practical circular economy solutions have also been developed in Finland, making the country a global forerunner in circularity.

Therefore, Circular Economy Hong Kong (CEHK) partnered with Asia Circular Economy Association (ACEA) and the Finnish Consulate in Hong Kong to invite experts in the circular economy fields for a webinar in mid-June. During the webinar the experts presented their view and work on sustainable fiber, textile waste, and present their views on how to establish circular business model in the textile industry with stakeholders in Europe and Asia in order to create more SDG’s with economic and environmental benefits along the way.

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