ESG Matters: How to become ‘ESG Ready’?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as a concept is gaining ground in the business landscape. With a growing number of companies considering the integration of ESG factors into their operational strategies an imperative, they also see challenges in handling the immense volume of data in ESG reporting.

Founded by Dr Glenn Frommer, ESG Matters provides tech-integrated solutions for companies to simplify a typically time-consuming and complex ESG reporting process.

The group’s flagship solution, ESG Dashboard streamlines the collection of relevant data and information, enabling businesses to compile professional ESG reports with accurate key performance indicators (KPIs).

Converting raw data into presentable ESG data compliant with regulators’ requirements, in addition to supporting businesses in analysing their ESG performance and sustainability strategy development.

With its core competence in tech and sustainability, the group’s educational arm, Matters Academy is an e-learning platform which offers a wide range of online courses for anyone to learn about ESG anywhere and anytime at their own pace. Aiming to inspire the next generation of global stewards with comprehensive study and career enhancement opportunities in understanding the full spectrum of ESG concepts and applications.

ESG Matters is committed to igniting the technological development of organisations and societies. Empowering businesses and individuals to become ‘ESG Ready’ with innovative technological solutions and create a sustainable positive change in our environment.

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