ESG trend: Smart toilets will be spread all over Hong Kong

Restrooms are essential facilities in every property, yet we often overlook their potential for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) improvements. By implementing smart restroom systems, we can inject new vitality into ESG practices for businesses. Therefore, whenever I discuss ESG with professionals in the architecture, property, renovation, or construction industry, I often start by talking about restrooms.
In today’s world, more and more newly constructed malls or renovated properties are equipped with ‘smart restroom systems’ that incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) technology. These smart restroom systems offer various features, such as LED indicators (displaying restroom stall occupancy), flush sensors (automatically flushing after use), touchless automatic doors (reducing manual contact), and even sensors for toilet paper and hand sanitizer (monitoring resource usage within the restroom). Furthermore, the backend dashboard of smart restroom systems provides an integrated design interface for easy management, monitoring, and data recording, enabling more efficient facility management.
The adoption of smart restroom systems not only elevates property facilities but also reflects the efforts companies make toward environmental sustainability, public health, and effective governance. I believe smart restrooms will rapidly become an indispensable feature for every ESG-conscious business and property in Hong Kong.

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