Forging a sustainable future with UOB

Founded in 1935, UOB is committed to Asia’s sustainable growth and prosperity, leveraging its fundamental strengths, along with a deep understanding of the region’s diversity and potential. The Bank offers a whole range of sustainable financing solutions that help customers make a difference in their own businesses and communities and drive growth responsibly. It also promotes climate-resilient practices, which supports customers’ own transition to a lower-carbon economy. 

UOB keeps customers’ best interests in mind. It harnesses technology and use data to make banking simpler, smarter, safer and more intuitive for them. By doing so, it aims to make banking more accessible and inclusive to individuals and businesses in the communities in which it operates.

Another key stakeholder in sustainability for UOB is its people and colleagues. The Bank has embedded sustainability elements into its core values, which are: honourable, enterprising, united and committed. It believes that, being honourable is to do the right thing including environmental protection. It also develops its people and encourage them to have an enterprising spirit to speak up and to find creative solutions to help the Bank to work in a low-carbon environment. It helps create a flexibility to work from home or something as simple as reducing use of paper. 

As a responsible financial services provider, UOB upholds corporate responsibility by maintaining the highest standards of governance and risk culture, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting the financial system. It remains steadfast in its commitment to promote social development in the areas of art, children and education.

Both in its own operations as well as among its stakeholders, UOB actively encourages and supports environmental stewardship efforts. Together, these efforts help contribute to a strong and sustainable future for the better for all.

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