From Waste to Taste: not only powder’s Fruitful Fight Against Food Waste

From Waste to Taste: not only powder’s Fruitful Fight Against Food Waste

If you saw how much food gets thrown in the bin after a day at the supermarket or buffet, you would never leave food on your plate again. Imagine 250 KMB buses. That’s how much food gets wasted every day. The landfills were full a long time ago. We’re already out of time.

But how can anyone stop this? Afterall, food gets wasted because nobody wants it. Nobody wants food about to expire or food that doesn’t look nice. You can’t change people’s behaviour. Maybe it can be recycled? How much are we recycling? 4%.

Enter not only powder. Our mission at not only powder is to fight against our doom of food waste. not only powder rescues fruit just before going to waste from fruit supplier, upcycling and transforming them into delicious foods ready to eat for consumers. From smart sourcing and inventory systems for real-time supply chains, to freeze-drying technology for extended shelf life and nutrient retention, to finally convenient distribution for busy everyday people, not only powder has innovated a process that could seriously preserve the planet.

But that’s not all, because not only powder is fighting for sustainable health too. Millions of people die each year from poor diets, and with thoughtfully designed, all natural fruit snacks and smoothies with vitamins and fibre, people can live healthier, longer lives while saving the planet.

But not only powder isn’t just a snack company. Fruit powders are just the beginning of our journey to saving the planet.

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