Fully track Carbon Emissions and Accelerate Low-Carbon Transformation with S-Carbon

As China strives toward its “30·60 dual carbon targets” goal, the government is actively promoting the transformation to low carbon in all sectors and large institutions. SGS, specializing in carbon audit and management, has partnered with Microsoft to launch the world’s first digital carbon management cloud platform, S-Carbon, which meets ISO 14064-1 and greenhouse gas inventory protocols for corporate carbon emission quantification. It provides enterprises with an efficient carbon management solution aligned with international and Chinese carbon emission quantification guidelines for enterprises and helps them to implement carbon neutrality plans.

S-Carbon enables you to:

How does S-Carbon work?

1. Setting Up: Select the required Scope1, 2 and 3 GHG emission sources into the reporting boundary and customize the company account.

2. Data Collection: Feed in activity data for the selected reporting boundary according to pre-determined submission schedule.

3. Quantification: Calculate corporate-wide and value-chain GHG emissions in accordance with international guidances or protocols.

4. Reporting: Generate emission inventory and analysis result report for disclosure, verification, or other purposes.

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