Future-proof your spaces through Modular prefabricated construction.

Recent years have seen an increased attention to inefficiencies plaguing the construction industry and its role in the global fight against climate change. With 39% of global CO2 emissions in 2019, the highest level ever reached yet, the ‘buildings and construction sector’ is the heaviest contributor to global warming above other industries like agriculture or transport, with 28% coming from operational emissions (lighting, heating, cooling-related emissions). The remaining 11% are directly linked to construction processes and materials used throughout buildings lifecycle, whether being upfront or embodied carbon emissions (source: 2020 GSR Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction).

Planning each construction project’s lifecycle ahead has become a key factor to design sustainable and highly-performing infrastructures. Clestra brings its expertise in Prefabricated Modular construction and long-term servicing to its partners looking to future-proof their workspaces. We believe workspaces and advanced facilities should be built for adaptability to accompany organizational changes whilst limiting environmental impacts and carbon emissions along their lifecycles. Our circular supply model aims at breaking out the usual linear supply model of construction where materials are extracted, assembled and discarded whenever changes are required.

Our modular systems are designed for disassembly and can be stored and relocated at will, following your organizational changes.

Taking advantages of the latest evolutions in BIM, all our solutions are available as digital assets for further digital integration and information sharing between projects’ stakeholders.

Whether we build tertiary workspaces or cleanroom facilities, Clestra is committed to shape all futures through industrial construction and continuous servicing.

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