Glazing retrofit solution for existing building

What is BVG (Building Vacuum Glass) Glazing Retrofit?

BVG Glazing Retrofit is a secondary glazing with independent BVG system added to the room side of existing window or curtainwall glass panel

• Sustainable Retrofit – There is no need to remove existing windows, meaning that there is no waste going to landfill.
• BVG reflects solar radiation to outdoor and block heat convection from outer glass to indoor
• Improve the thermal, acoustic, safety and security performance of existing windows

How it works?

• BVG system rests on frame or wall, with no additional loading on glass
• BVG system attached to existing window glass with warm edge, creating a sealed air cavity
• Triple insulted glass system is created to drastically improve glass performance
• New BVG system sealed permanently
• *Reduce solar heat gain by ~70% and cooling energy load by as much as 30% for typical single glass window (tinted or solar reflective) in commercial buildings
• *Payback time of BVG retrofit solution is less than 5 years

*based on HK Polytechnics University Study Report by Prof H.X. Yang

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