Green Innovation, Turning Waste to Energy

ASB Biodiesel, a green energy that is 100% produced by waste cooking oil can reduce waste and provide a new source of energy. Since the establishment of ASB Biodiesel Hong Kong, we have been dedicated to collecting used cooking oil from local restaurants or food processors. Our waste-cooking-oil collection system has helped us to collect up to 50% of the waste cooking oil in the F&B market. Not only can our waste collection service reduce the landfill overloading problems, but it can also prevent waste cooking oil from re-entering our food chain and threatening the public’s health.

ASB never uses edible oils like rapeseed oil, as feedstock. We can convert wasted cooking oil, acidified grease trap oil, and wasted animal fat to biodiesel by the process of transesterification. Besides supporting sustainable development, our biodiesel quality is locally recognized by the Hong Kong government and complies with European Union standards. From raw materials collection, and biofuel production, to product distribution, ASB Biodiesel’s GHG emission in the supply chain has an 84% GHG emission-saving potential when compared to fossil fuel.

By fulfilling the 5R principle – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose and Replace, our energy-saving solutions could effectively reduce waste, CO2 emissions and provide clean, efficient energy. We envision that our initiative will not only bring perceptible benefits to our current and prospective clients but also create a waste-free and self-sufficient Hong Kong in response to the global issue of climate change.

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