Green Token: Uniting a Green Community

Green Token is a utility token designed to support the formation of a conservation and sustainability platform, based on Blockchain technology. It aims to connect green-conscious stakeholders all over the world who care about our environment and developing a sustainable and equitable future.

Our Goals for 2030:

1. Frontier Decarbonisation: We want to support 40+ startups that are focusing on reducing annual gigaton-scale emissions.

2. Food Security: Increase rural community net income by more than 50% for 100M farmers.
Reduce 25% of annual consumption of beef and dairy within the Green Token Community.

3. Waste Management: Properly manage more than 20 million tonnes of waste through technologies.

What you can do with the Green Tokens you’ve received?

Do I have to be a technology/ crypto/ blockchain expert to join your community?

Absolutely not! Everyone who is passionate in contributing to the 2030 Agenda are welcome to join. Come to our booth (D51) if you are:

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